NWC3L Series #2

eQuAleX vs Jehu

17.07.2017 19:00 CEST
PI     US     LD
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[Fs] Jehu
sorry, I was afk, didn't know you could play tonight :S
but I have you in skype now
[SQK] eQuAleX
you afk 40+ mins add you in skype!
[Fs] Jehu
I am online with "Fs.Jehu"
[Fs] Jehu
we can play tonight anytime after 20 CEST or on sunday before or after wc3cl
[Fs] Jehu
I'll be gone for a couple of days and probably able to play again from thursday on
[SQK] eQuAleX
i can play almost avery day at 20-21 CEST
[SQK] eQuAleX
sorry not actual.play vs edo
[SQK] eQuAleX
today 21 CEST?
[Fs] Jehu
Hey, I can play today, tuesday and thursday after 20 CEST

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