NWC3L Series #2

Walter vs MentalGame

Host Game
17.07.2017 19:00 CEST
PI     US     LD


[Aw] Walter
where i can post replays xD
[Aw] Walter
shet gogogogogoggogogogogoggogogoggogogoooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[Aw] Walter
friend i can 3 day all day gogogogogogogogogogoggogogogogo
[Aw] Walter
waiting for you my friend when we can play?
[Aw] Walter
go now you here?
[OwNu] MentalGame
So this sunday you have time to play?
[OwNu] MentalGame
okay lets play on sunday
[Aw] Walter
mmm man i wanna finish all games, i can sunday now all day ok?
[Aw] Walter
ok i see thursday idk what hour
[OwNu] MentalGame
Yes, thursday is good for me. 20CET - 21CET?
[Aw] Walter
okey This Thursday we can play?
[OwNu] MentalGame
Yes we can play today, later on tonight. Because i just came from holidays
[Aw] Walter
hey is sunday we can play?
[Aw] Walter
hey i can sunday :(
[OwNu] MentalGame
hey, can we play tuesday 21cet?
[Aw] Walter
nice sunday i can :)
[OwNu] MentalGame
Hey , its mentalgame. On the Weekend i have time :)
[Aw] Walter
write your nick of war3na here pls )
[Aw] Walter
add me cheverenge
[Aw] Walter
hi friend when we can play?

Season 10 Div 2 Participants

Start: 15.04.2019 - 17:00 CEST
List of allowed teams
Name Teams: 7
Art of Warcraft
LS Gaming 2
OwNu RenTner
P r o - G a m i n g C o l l e g e

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