NWC3L Series #2

ena1337 vs Starshaped

Host Game
17.07.2017 18:20 CEST
LT     AS
NWC3L version (for load use - !load AS):
- Aligned relief of map.
- Fountains of Mana replaced by Mercenary Camp (Lorderon Summer), changed creeps.
- Instead Mercenary Camp (Town) added Market Place.
- Quantity of gold in both Gold Mines increased from 12500 to 15000.
- Added minor green points for both sides of map.
Version 1.3:
- Creeps on Goblins Merchants reinforced (now orange point).
NWC3L version (for load use - !load AF):
- Goblins Observatory a bit reinforced to orange point.
- Goblins Merchants moved close to respawn positions.
- Instead Tavern in mid now Fountain of Life and creeps.
- Added two Portals for jump over creeps on Fountain of Life.
- Taverns added to north and south positions near players respawns.
- Market places has now invisible Earth Barriers for no randomly agr of creeps and frontal moved to players respawns side.
- The Lion Horn of Stormwind now adds 1.5 armor instead 1.
- Minor changes of creeps and drops.
Version 1.4:
- Creeps on fountain of life now has agrability - 200 (normal) instead 500 (camp).
Version 1.5:
- Added 24 slots.
- Reworked some drops and creeps.
- In center of the map now random building instead Fountain of Life.
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[HOT] ena1337
gn starshaped2b
[HOT] ena1337
gn starshaped1

im waiting for u
[SWE] Starshaped
10 PM is too late for me on weekdays, sorry! Today could work before if we play soon, 18-19 CEST?
[HOT] ena1337
Sorry to say but Tuesdays I come late home.

So something like 10.15 PM CEST would work for me (& for u?)

Otherwise we can go today spontaneously if you wish, just text me on twitch and leave me a message here.
[SWE] Starshaped
Sorry for the late response! Tuesday (18/7) would be perfect for me if you are available. 18 CEST?
[HOT] ena1337
Hey, any chance u wanna play it today maybe? By early evening, noon or afternoon? You can add me on skype, i texted you on Twitch.

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ena1337 PriesT
deaTH Subsonic
Cash Sonik

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