NWC3L Series #2

FpXy vs Walter

Host Game
29.07.2017 19:00 CEST
NWC3L version (for load use - !load RR):
- Moved respawns.
- Weakened creeps on Goblin Observatory.
- Reinforced green point creeps near respawns, added drop device.
- Creeps on outsides Gold Mines reinforced.
- Quantity of gold in outsides Gold Mines increased from 12500 to 15000.
Version 1.2:
- Added taverns.
- Little fixes and improvements.
Version 1.3:
- Improved moving near main gold mines (now units follow beside creeps without agring).
- Reworked some creeps and drops on orange and green points.
NWC3L version (for load use - !load RB):
Version 1.2:
- Turtles (orange point) near respawns moved from deep water to shallow water.
- Goblins Merchants and Observatories minor moved.
- Green points near respawns switched.
- Starting mana of all creeps now is 0.
Version 1.3:
- Creeps on upper right and bottom left Gold Mines reinforced to the red point.
Dalaran - NetEasy version.


[RLB] FpXy
walter dont get banned plz )
[Aw] Walter
waiting for you fpxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[RLB] FpXy
any sunday/monday
[RLB] FpXy
give me def win u nub
[RLB] FpXy
okay later today
[Aw] Walter
go today fpx nuub :V
[RLB] FpXy
Cant today need to fix pc , nothing works :)
[RLB] FpXy
puto after gera
[Aw] Walter
fpx puto sunday i wanna finish all games please
[RLB] FpXy
sounds good
[Aw] Walter
This Thursday we can play puto :V i will play every games :D
[RLB] FpXy
Oi puto we play monday :) after moocup

Season 10 Div 2 Participants

Start: 15.04.2019 - 17:00 CEST
List of allowed teams
Name Teams: 7
Art of Warcraft
LS Gaming 2
OwNu RenTner
P r o - G a m i n g C o l l e g e

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