NWC3L Series #2

XeLSinG vs Edoboi

09.07.2017 19:00 CEST
GW     DB
NWC3L version (for load use - !load DB or !load DireBrook):
- Goblins Observatory creeps switched, now creeps from observatory moved to corner and composite own red point.
- Goblins Merchants - balanced - added own for ever side.
- Added green point in left transition with rarity device drop.
Version 1.2:
- Route near Goblins Observatory improved for no agroability from creeps.
- Device drop from middle green point reinforced.
NWC3L version (for load use - !load HP):
- Reworked respawns and near creeps.
- Reworked creeps on Mercenary Camp.
- Goblin Merchant moved frontly to Gold Mines.
- In upper and bottom Gold Mines, gold quantity increased to 13,500.
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[Fs] Edo
Can we prepone our game to this weekend ?

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