NWC3L Series #2

LoLaS vs ZeRoX

Host Game
10.08.2017 19:00 CEST
TR     AS
NWC3L version (for load use - !load AS):
- Aligned relief of map.
- Fountains of Mana replaced by Mercenary Camp (Lorderon Summer), changed creeps.
- Instead Mercenary Camp (Town) added Market Place.
- Quantity of gold in both Gold Mines increased from 12500 to 15000.
- Added minor green points for both sides of map.
Version 1.3:
- Creeps on Goblins Merchants reinforced (now orange point).
For load use - !load RV


im here
[Fs] LoLaS
yea should work, just /W me :)
Hey i didnt saw about last chances. Im on trip i can play on sunday later, like 22 cet if u can?
[Fs] LoLaS
Last chances are saturday 12-15 CET and sunday 13-16 CET. What do you say?
Sry I didnt saw on time. When you can these days?:)
Sry I didnt saw on time. When you can these days?:)
[Fs] LoLaS
A bit earlier would be great :) maybe 22 CET?
Hey hey. I am at work that day until 21 cet. Mb tuesday 23?
[Fs] LoLaS
I was busy, sorry... what about tuesday 21 CET? time is running!
hey, sry that i wasnt around. can you play today at like 20 or 21 cet?
[Fs] LoLaS
hi, maybe today or tomorrow?
Hi, when can we play?

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Starbuck SpoKi

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