NWC3L Series #3

JokeRn. vs sheik

Host Game
21.04.2018 17:00 CEST
AZ     TS     LR     TR

Map Pool 1x1

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[Dx] sheik
we can play now
[OwNu] JokeRn.
heyo sorry i was not online since wednesday, i can play today at any time just comment here when you are finished with rus brain cup or write me at discord Jokerthirtynine#8378
[Dx] sheik
I waiting for answer when you can play. Preferable not to cross with Rusbrain cup.
[Dx] sheik
sunday sounds better
[OwNu] JokeRn.
unfortunately i cannot make it today, can we play monday 20 cest?
[Dx] sheik
thursday at 20 cest is fine
[OwNu] JokeRn.
i can play either on wednesday and thursday at 20 cest or on sunday the whole day, let me know which suits you the best.

€dit: 18.4 and 19.4 ofc
[Dx] sheik
Sure. Or any other time
[OwNu] JokeRn.
hello can we play on sunday? i wont be here on that saturday

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