NWC3L Series #3

YaGami vs pG.RaZZoRMaN

Host Game
28.04.2018 17:00 CEST
EI     SV     LR     TR

Map Pool 1x1

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[OwNu] JokeRn.
[WLVS] Wal3eyyy
Razzor was winning but he was disc/Yagami does not want to regame
So the decision based only on the replay map 4: razzor winner
[Fs] YaGami
#10: I only updated the score so that I could upload the replays to be consulted by the admins so that they could make a decision on this matter.
[SQK] ag3nt
4.16. Disconnects. If, after disconnection teams has a disputes, the decision to regame or confirm result taking by league admin.
Why did you update the result when its not decided? If it will be 2:2 with decision count me out of this tournament.
It not fair to be 2-2 in any point of view. Either regame or my win because my expo was running for a longer time and up +20 - 25 supply, stronger hero. You had no chance to win to be honest.
[Fs] YaGami
RaZZoRMaN had a disconnect in Game 4 (TR), and I did not want to play it again. So up for the admins to decide whether the score should be 2-2 (I get a win for his disconnect) or 3-1 for him (he gets a win for his disconnect).
[Fs] YaGami
Waiting in BNet Channel "Clan FiSt"
[Fs] YaGami
I also cannot play on Sunday at 1 pm. Sunday 3 pm would work, though. Does that work for you?
No. Lets play Sunday 1 pm
[Fs] YaGami
I won't be able to play at 1 pm, 3 pm CEST could work, though. Does that work for you?
Hi, I would like to play Saturday 1 pm CEST
[Fs] YaGami
Hi, let's play at default time?

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