NWC3L Series #3

JokeRn. vs Sonik

Host Game
26.05.2018 17:00 CEST

Map Pool 1x1



[WLVS] Sonik
i online form 15.00???helloo!!help plz!
[WLVS] Sonik
wtf i be online in 17/00 set or you dont see my comennt?why i have deflost?
[WLVS] Sonik
what do next?i go offline(((
[WLVS] Sonik
hello, sonik in nwc3l, wating somebody!(
[WLVS] Sonik
anyyanyyyyy!!!i rdy!)
[WLVS] Sonik
sonik here~!!!
[WLVS] Sonik
say heello!!)
[WLVS] Sonik
i rdy if you rdy msn plz!
26.05.2018 17:00 Red line for this match - who no show - get defloss - channel NWC3L!
[WLVS] Sonik
Cash in final........we still no game(((
[WLVS] Sonik
oh my god..... need ending this!
[WLVS] Sonik
[WLVS] Sonik
hello i wating in battle net!
[WLVS] Sonik
we have more time!!!hello!
[WLVS] Sonik
go now?
[OwNu] JokeRn.
nvm go sunday
[OwNu] JokeRn.
the earlier the better, i gotta leave at 16:30
[WLVS] Sonik
i think we can try 15 cet or 15/30 cet!!!
[OwNu] JokeRn.
are you rdy today 14-15 cest?
[WLVS] Sonik
[OwNu] JokeRn.
Deadline is 25.5 thats Friday but if admin agrees we can finish on Sunday
[WLVS] Sonik
if again no luck, end this in sunday or saturday 100%!!!
[WLVS] Sonik
so i think we must again try in 15 cet plz!becose we must match played 4 days ago(
[OwNu] JokeRn.
Maybe we can play on Sunday if admin agrees?
Iam free all day on sunday
[WLVS] Sonik
you can like 16-17 cet?
[OwNu] JokeRn.
Tomorrow 15 cest
[WLVS] Sonik
or msn me on twich when in stream plz!)
[WLVS] Sonik
today or again tomorrow?)
[OwNu] JokeRn.
So we Play tomorrow or not?!
[OwNu] JokeRn.
rl stuff crossed my plans im sorry but i cannot make it today
you can take defwin or we play tomorrow at 15 cest its up to you and up to the admin
[OwNu] BounD
maybe think about it first before you re asking again wtf
zadrot ...
[WLVS] Sonik
go to play tomorrow!???what time you rdy?15 cet?
[OwNu] JokeRn.
ok seems like you cant, iam out for today
friday is deadline so i suggest to play it tomorrow at 15 cest
[OwNu] JokeRn.
so? can you play today or not
[WLVS] Sonik
you cant today?
[OwNu] JokeRn.
hey when i checked the page yesterday there was no comment of you at 12:18:41 CEST iam confused now, can you play tomorrow? 23.05. 14-16 CEST
[WLVS] Sonik
[WLVS] Sonik
here?or msn me in battle plz!
[WLVS] Sonik
y go try in monday game
[OwNu] JokeRn.
that does not work for me, can you play tomorrow? 13-15 cest
or tuesday 15 cest?
[WLVS] Sonik
today in like 12.00-14/00 cet, and plz msn me in battle net if see!or here
[WLVS] Sonik
helllo,,,, can today?or tomorrow?
[OwNu] JokeRn.
hi can we play tomorrow? i wont be here today

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Start: 03.09.2018 - 00:00 CEST
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Name Teams: 6
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Team Bulgaria
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Legends Die Hard
Solo Perfect Gaming

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