Week 1: Team France [FRA] vs Team Sweden [SWE]

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[FRA] SaTan

5.3. Wrong account
For player - Zeikooo
23.11.18 - 10:10 CET FRA
0.50 5.3. Wrong account
For player - SyDe

This is the rule : 5.3. Game accounts. During the game under the account is not specified in the team profile - 0.5 pp (per player).

Folowing the sentence, it ask the players to have the same account in "team profil" as they've in game.

This is the case for zeikoo and SyDe they used the right account stated in team profil exactly like the rule state.

So can u explain why there are PP here now ???

The only account that's missing is the BNET Account and there's 0 rule stating we must enter the bnet account in the team profil - The rule is not EVEN about the bnet account but indeed about the " team profil " .

Guess played on worldcupwinner so he deserve the PP.

Syde and zeikoo played on the accounts asked in the rule 5.3

Clan FRA stick to the rule Perfectly, if you need to change / rewrite the rule go ahead, but you certainly cant give PP for a rule that doesnt exist / is wrongly wrote .
[SWE] Skutt
Ok seems like nwc3l can´t handle the diffrent links.. https://liquipedia.net/warcraft/Team_Sweden season 1-3 ;)
[SWE] Skutt



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