Week 1: Team Peru [PE] vs Team Bulgaria [BG]

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[RaG] Nerzhul
i uploaded bad the map. ill search the rigth replay.
Nerzhul 2on2 on LR?
[RaG] Nerzhul
[BG] rbr.Shorty
We can't play the match unless the peon bans are removed for the players. Only 6 players were added (of which 4 inactive) to the initial line up...
[BG] rbr.GodFather
Also can you remove the peon ban from our players, thanks.
[BG] rbr.GodFather
Can you change it for 18.11 17:00 Nick? We will postpone the 2 players from Peru games, because of China np.
Actually for NWL default time is saturday 17:00, but of course you can offer your own time.
[BG] rbr.GodFather
Noone of my players can play Saturday sorry. So we stay with default time I guess.
[BG] rbr.GodFather
I will let you know ASAP when I get info from my players.
[RaG] Nerzhul
Hi can we plsy danger and hunter games this saturday0? They both going to china



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