Week 3: Team France [FRA] vs Team Russia [RUS]

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[FRA] SaTan
NI Tomorrow 5PM CEST.
SV+2VS2+Ace match( if need) will be played next week ( discussing time/date currently with piskeska! )
[FRA] SaTan
AZ will be played now.
NI tomorrow ( still discussing time )

SV + 2x2 postponed for next week end
[uMaD] Ls.Psike
Hey man, need play some games on saturday and rest on sunday( I have final league) 16cet or 21cet.

Tell me what maps can play this saturday.
[FRA] SaTan
NWL I meant , I'm to used to write nWC3L
[FRA] SaTan
Okay thanks Psike, lets reschedule it for the sunday 9th december at 5pm CEST then, since we will have our playday 5 of NWC3L the saturday 8th.

Meet chan clan FRA !
[uMaD] Ls.Psike
we will play 8/9 december.

[FRA] SaTan
Hello, We will be unable to play this cw because we've a LAN party in paris , with almost everyone from our roster , it will lenght from saturday 01 december to Sunday 02 december .

So we need to play this cw either the week before or the week after !!



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