Week 5: Team France [FRA] vs Team Germany [GER]

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[uMaD] DopeY
2on2 - Freeze.
[FRA] SaTan
Waiting fpr admins decision for this case as we discussed on discord , since we couldnt agree with the ending of this match
[OCG] Drunkenwanken
For the 2n2 we can offer:

07.01.2019 22:30cet
08.01.2019 21:30cet
[pG] Edo
the biggest problem with #9 is, that vs peru was playweek 3 and vs france is playweek 5
[pG] pG.Okkul
#25 Right choice, agreed with you,but i think you understand my position , i respect myself and my clan, its normally. Nobody cant insult, talk bad about us without reason just for throlling etc. I can close this thread easely, if Yosh wanna talk with himself, its his choice =)
[uMaD] BrokenHanDs
I propose to add a rule - the team is punished with penalty points for inappropriate behavior of its players and managers in the comments and in the official league channel in discord. It is unpleasant to see how we turn into a typical battle.net channel. Warcraft community for the most part are adults, let's not descend into discussions like schoolkids.
[pG] pG.Okkul
#23 nice tale, how old are you ? 10? thats why all your projects ruined and all your dogs left, rip ownu rip w3arena rip captain yosh. you even didnt join the league just crying in matchcomments, is it all that you can? you are coward without balls and any type of bravery. only women type 50 lines for nothing. accept with pussy between your legs and dont try to be a man, its so funny from you.
make a screenshot guys, that end for dead admin of shit-w3a and ownu ;D no manners no bravery no balls :( you are OwNeD american cocksucker
[OwNu] Yosh
#22 My balls are obviously in your mouth every day. That is why you cannot stop talking about them. So can you just stop begging for attention? It is unbecoming.
[pG] pG.Okkul
#21 if you are not sure , try to buy balls xD maybe it will help you
[OwNu] Yosh
#19 I know / agree that Peru (vs France / Germany) is not worth discussing which is why I made a general comment. I was trying to be constructive instead of the normal foaming at the mouth that happens here (which is totally justified in this situation). This isn't just a Peru problem... but they are just the most recent problem. Luckily the majority of teams/orgas are fine.

tl;dr on Peru: They didn't show up, flamed you for wasting your time and now admin is disrespecting the wrong teams for not putting up with it. Even though it is a shame that no games got played that is Peru's problem.

tl;dr on my thoughts: It's cool to want all games played... I am a fan of that but if "admin" isn't going to work for it (and here is a general "how to work for it" guideline of what should be expected... aka not the typical "just fix it but I have no intention of providing value" post) then let the teams deal with it as they have been but don't blame teams that have been doing a good job for the failings of certain teams/orgas.

P.S. In order for me to be PERU.Yosh I would have to start saying stuff like "pG girl okkul" and "Fra girl satan" and I'm not sure how I feel about that.
[pG] pG.Okkul
agreed with Satan, gogo PERU.Yosh
[FRA] SaTan
You're making a general statement for ANY random case.

Here its about PERU.Yosh, so make a statement about them , dont do something general, the topic isnt about " how to reform the rules set " its all about peru.
Every single teams complain about peru and their organisations , its not only germany, france and sweden.
I also blame them for insults ( nerzhul came in private and insulted me at repetitive time, I never answered him the way he disrespect d me ) and he also asked hunter to play on walter account , for a competition ( also called Aliasing )

So in total , all of the point to blame about peru :

1- Miss organised , reccurently in any league.
2- Repetitive insults toward other team admins.
3- Clear case of proven cheat AKA Alias .

Only one of theses 3 reasons is by itself a good reason to dont even try to arrange the matches with them / be kind / understandable or anything.
EVERY Of theses 3 points I mentionned , are a lack of respect for the opponent teams.

So why Yosh or even "Admin" are you still talking about " playoff, beauty of the game or idk what other bullshits I just read from you two.

This is NOWHERE A classic case of a team being abused / or teams tryharding to get defwin so leave your bullshits argument and try to think smart.

I just mentionned 3 points at the up, as I said only one of theses points s already more than enough to explain why a team admin wouldnt want to help peru with their bad organisations.

We're all human and we deserve respect , in theses 3 points I mentionned, the 3 of thoses are a lack of respect aswell.

So just stop with your speech of " it would be nice to have all games played blablabla "

PERU Is supposed to be banned from NWC3L due to the last season where they gathered 10 PP, the admin decided to spare them and to remove all of their PPs so noone notice it ( i think i'm the only one who noticied that still, feel free to check at all of their last season matchs, in almost every matches some PP hasnt been added/has been removed .

Concerning NWL I asked the question prematurely, because it doesnt need to be a genius to see that kind of thing coming . Nick and some other told me I was crying, and look at all of you now, what are you doing ?
You're arguing the way i did / on the subject I argued about right before the season start'd.

Dopey even said after my complains that peru shouldnt be allowed without anyone else than nerzhul as team manager.

What about now ? nerzhul's alone and peru is accepted, like wtf ?

Now stop to be hypocrits ALL OF YOU in here are.

Instead to folow my lead, and to approve my statement at the league begining, (because ye I was fully right about peru ) some of you just dodged the talk, and the others was afraid or idk what and didnt backed up my words.

Now enjoy the situation you created by not folowing my lead when it was time, if you guys did, peru probably would've been refused from the NWL competition for good , now enjoy what you've made by being a Silent Majority.

Topic closed thanks to stop to ruin french vs germany match comment for a team that doesnt owe more than what I throw off this morning, aka peru.
[pG] pG.Okkul
#17 Crying Yosh returned, too much blah-blah-blah like always.
How your clan? Rip ownu xD rip w3arena
[OwNu] Yosh
#14 Let me preface this with saying that "admin" is being extremely rude, condescending and disrespectful with his comments and I do not feel that Germany deserves this. With that said I wholeheartedly agree with the fact that all of the matches should be played out and I will defend "admin" on this point but there is no universal set of rules to make this utopian ideal work. In order to enforce such a policy it is up to "admin" to make sure that reasonable scheduling arrangements are made for both teams and ultimately award defwins when either 1 team/player refuses to play and forfeits their match or there is gross negligence and/or dodging going on from 1 of the teams. If a player does not show up to a reschedueld match an admin will have to make a judgement call as to how many reschedules are acceptable on a case by case basis which can easily be considered unfair but really DOES depend on the situation. Also, if 1 team is obviously not showing enough effort throughout this process then they should be given penalty points to reflect to compensate for the wasted time and effort of the team that is actually trying to get games played. This isn't something that admins can just throw onto the teams to self manage and then wonder why there are defwins happening because the teams that are dealing with such things for years will have much less tolerance after the 50th time that they deal with the same situation with the same set of people. If you want to help get matches played then please do so and try to get a new match date scheduled between the 2 teams. If you don't want to help get matches played or do not have the time then sit back, watch the results and hope that the teams are able to produce a reasonable outcome. But the worst thing that you could possibly do is rip into the teams that are actually making an honest effort to schedule and ultimately end up having their time wasted while not saying 1 word about the teams that don't show up to a match that they scheduled themselves! This is like the PG situation all over again.
[SWE] Skutt
#14 trying to organize vs peru was a nightmare.. not sure why you speak for us
[OCG] Drunkenwanken
Useless to argue about if you dont get the point. Skip all rules then, we dont need that. Lets go non-respect with all players. lets make them wait all time as long as we want.
#10 Why Russia or Sweden or Bulgaria not have problems and defwins vs Peru you and France have so ? Just say that "we afraid lost this points, we want go in play-off for sure" I dont see any problems to play those matches in another day/time (especially we have free time for that - no other league matches and etc) and not go for def wins and all will clear, seems other teams do it and its np.
But if you want "League of defwins" np so....
[FRA] Anima
#9 why don't you like frenchs ;;;;
[InFs] InFs_Zero_[M]
ban for ner'zhul in the nwc3l, does not serve as manager
[SWE] Skutt
#9 thats just disrespectful
[OCG] Drunkenwanken
We played vs RUS = all managed well, no problems
We played vs BG = all managed VERY well, no problems
We played vs SWE = all managed well, even with some problems in our LU, no problems
We play/played vs FRA = all managed well, even with massive split of war, no problems

We play/played vs PERU = everything shit since beginning of war, they were late at playday, missing matches for arranged postpones, dont make proper offers for postpones in time (WALTER HERE PLAY NOW???). we are asking and asking. we gave 3 chances for playing SV walter - ente, how many chances we shall give? our players waiting, wasting time. management and organisation vs peru is always fucking hard job. everything can be read in discord chat.

All teammanagers saying same about team peru management and even the players of team peru say so, its shit!!!!
As a teammanager i have to say its sad to realize you dont talk to peru for improving their management, but blame other teams for "gathering" defwins vs them.

So please "admin" tell me: whats your point?
All proper teams with working management should leave leagues and you will keep bullshit management teams? Its that the way you want to going on and see the future of league?

At least im again confused matchcomments are the right place for this case...

Pushing Peru to play and not push France? Better save some points in the back right?
[FraB] PauH
FRA accepted the swap
[OCG] Drunkenwanken
We swapped edo for ente @ NI.
[FRA] SaTan
And we can start by whatever match u prefer since weed plays in all and guess can stay late
[FRA] SaTan
Could we then do NI / 2vs2 along with ace match if requiered all on tuesday then?
starting at 21:10cet ?
[OCG] Drunkenwanken
We can confirm NI tuesday 21:30cet
[FRA] SaTan
Can you ask to play the 2x2 tomorrow (sunday) from 21CET ? / Or NI ?
Also, Tuesday 9:30CET For NI could it works ?

We really would like NI to be tuesday rather than tomorrow if that's possible .
[OCG] Drunkenwanken
[FRA] SaTan
17CET tomorrow AI.
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