Week 6: Digital Xtreme [Dx] vs Kings Light Players [kLp]

15.05.2016 17:00 CEST
Date Team Points Description
15.05.16 - 23:21 CEST kLp 1.00 Technical defeat in 2on2
15.05.16 - 23:20 CEST kLp 0.50 For playing race not specified in line up on starting map
For player - DSM
15.05.16 - 23:20 CEST kLp 0.50 For playing race not specified in line up on starting map
For player - Balls
Overall for match - Team Dx Overall for match - Team kLp
0 2.00
(W3A: UnknownHuman)
Ancient Springs
NWC3L version (for load use - !load AS):
- Aligned relief of map.
- Fountains of Mana replaced by Mercenary Camp (Lorderon Summer), changed creeps.
- Instead Mercenary Camp (Town) added Market Place.
- Quantity of gold in both Gold Mines increased from 12500 to 15000.
- Added minor green points for both sides of map.
Version 1.3:
- Creeps on Goblins Merchants reinforced (now orange point).
(W3A: Dx_Koshchey)
Snow Drop
NWC3L version (for load use - !load SD):
- Spiders (green point) in the mid of map moved for no agrobilty to near running units.
(W3A: DontStopMe-)
(W3A: Dx_Koshchey)
(W3A: Selec7)
TechLose Team 2
(W3A: HatakeKakashi)

Map Pool 1x1


Map Pool 2x2

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Sunday 16-00 CEST Sheik vs. DSM, ask from Dx.
[Dx] maktim
Okay klp, but It looks like you're living in some own fantasy world
[kLp] Kalipso
We Said Forfeit Dsm and play the 2v2 but we don't care no one want let us play so Enjoy
[Dx] maktim
Kaio, a week ago you said that you let me know when DSM can play, So let's finish tomorrow.
[Dx] maktim
What a silly things man. If you talking about rules then remember your last words were: "We postpone DSM rmk game and i think 2v2 is Phobos+Tricksy", isn't it? Now you saying as agreed with me to postpone 2v2. Once again about the 2v2: I asked Kaio to call two of your "top 5" players and have been waiting more than two hours while part of them played ladder or simply ignored (balls. phobos and knopa for example). Now you accuse us of your bad lineup sent by you personally given the fact that all of your solo players from lineup were ready to play.
Maktim said, you use your postpone for DSM, afk after last solo then and ignore offers for 2on2 reseed. Also team Dx wait you around 2 hours for play it, but you sit on channel and no response. I think you can arrange about reseed or postpone, but you do nothing, so this decision remains in effect.

Good Luck.
[kLp] Kalipso
i have speack with Admin DX to said him we Postpone the 2v2 and dunno why u Take it now ??? wtf ? we have in rules choice to postpone 1 BO3 so is the 2v2 so leave the Forfait man be manner u own the CW we have make only lu B for play this match cuz no one was here.... for be manner we have play it with some worst player KLP thx....
[kLp] Kalipso
The 2vs2 is postponed, according to the rules we are allowed 1 postpone. DSM lost 0-2.
[kLp] Kalipso
Why forfait the 2v2 ???? !!!
[kLp] Kalipso
Good for me.
[Dx] maktim
quite a large selection, but let's choose the third option and meet on the channel NWC3L
[kLp] Kalipso
Actually guys, let's meet channel Clan kLp
[kLp] kaio
Go for Sunday 15.05 17CEST (like in rules). Meet in channel dx vs klp, see you soon!
[FRA] SaTan
hello !
[Dx] maktim
[kLp] Kalipso
Hello there

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