Week 2: Team ViKiNGS [ViKi] vs Digital Xtreme [Dx]

18.12.2016 17:00 CET
Date Team Points Description
21.12.16 - 09:37 CET ViKi 0.50 Not uploaded replay within 48 hours after the match
For player - arwen
19.12.16 - 00:10 CET ViKi 1.50 In the case of insults, disrespect, abuse of profanity against any member of the league (player, manager, the administration, streamer, etc.)
18.12.16 - 22:48 CET ViKi 1.50 In the case of insults, disrespect, abuse of profanity against any member of the league (player, manager, the administration, streamer, etc.)
For player - KODOS
Overall for match - Team ViKi Overall for match - Team Dx
3.50 0
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(Battle.Net: Selec7)
(Battle.Net: )
(Battle.Net: pgrvs)
(Battle.Net: )
Tidewater Glades
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[pG] rvs
sry for late answer. i can play any day 13 - 20 msc
[Dx] Nick
Any suggestion about date\time from Edis?
[Dx] maktim
today rvs wouldn't be able
Edis would be available to play his match vs rvs today
Edis is available this Saturday between 10 am and 4 pm CET, will this work out for rvs?
[Dx] maktim
#19. This time is absolutely not going to work.
@rvs Edis can play Thursday or Friday @ 8 - 10 am CET
[pG] rvs
when edis can play?
[OwNu] OA
#16 your missing the point. Admins should not be making calls on thier own clanwars. Not that hard to understand. Also i dont understand why ur putting words in my mouth,. i never once said ownu wasn't respected members of the league. Iam actually really good pals with the team. the Point is Admins should not be making judge calls on thier own games. Conflict of interest. get a non CLAN DX admin so it isnt so corrupt thank you :)
[Dx] maktim
#13. First time I said something about ur play-off seeding while you are still talking about us, but of course you have the only true counterargument. As it turned out just tox & geass excellent respected members which is not the ownu and others? Are you serious? This is a matter that you opened about disrespect.
One day about the same issue you have opened your eyes (as i thought) and wrote to me and nick in skype. Correct me if Im wrong. So what happened again?
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Perfectly agreed with #14.
[SQK] ag3nt
I clearly see unmanner by KODOS and Nick's mad/not mad status doesn't even matter here.

The only problem for me is that Inbrahimovic (#3) did not get any penalty.
[OwNu] OA
#11 free win in first round of playoffS? wasnt free round. Tox an geass are both good player an we had to overcome them in order to secure win. they forfeited rest of clanwar. Moral was low, an they had hard time getting members in check for playoffs. but they did put up a fight. tox an geass are respected membes of the community no need to say they are "free wins"

iam not sure if there is a language barrier here or if there is another issiue. my problem is no matter what DX does they go unpunished. bad manners from nick an now bad manners from maktim. maktim an nick are representitives of the league. First off if you are league admins, you shouldnt be particpating in clan wars.. conflict of interest. iam not sure why u dont understand this. problems like this will arise when u have admins particpating. There is no way to make an fair judge call when both nick an maktim are from CLAN Dx. i cant explain it any easier for you to understand.,

Name me 1 league or even where an admin will particpate an ALSO make judge calls on the GAMES there playing. THERE is none.

i have no problems with maktim an nick playing in the league an also being admins. But if you have a clan war vs Dx there should be an alternative judge to make calls... How can i ask maktim or nick to make a judge call without being biased towards thier team?... forcing us to play on EU bots , throwing around PP's like there going outta style .. where is nicks PP for his manners? where is his PP for saying clan viki can only win with PING/BOT abuse..

5.5. Insults. In the case of insults, disrespect, abuse of profanity against any league member (player, manager, streamer etc.) the team gets - 1,5 pp.

Disrespect. We were disrespected by Nick the entire clan war. but does he get PP ... ofc not. hes admin. Thats called conflict of interest. understand?

Also we didnt play our third place match, due to players schdueling. it was our first season an we didnt realize that only players with 3 matches played througout group play could play. so we had to forfiet. This season we will be prepared to make sure we have a mix of players with at least 3 matches played.

Clearly were not the only one who feel the same. Maybe admins should address this an maybe hire a few more NON clan DX admins? .

Можно прикидываться дурачком, а можно признать, что Ник бомбанул от пинга/игр/пососов и из-за этого нафигачил ПП.
Я понял, что вы выбрали.
То, что агент любит поскринить, к делу вообще отношения не имеет.
[Dx] maktim
Man u seriously talked about that game half of our clanwar and still talking? http://nwc3l.com/replays?view=2195
In the end game why he couldnt continue with 3 living heroes for 5 minutes longer? Its not allowed any more? And when they were killed he immediately left the game, not at all like our lovely warcraft?
In general I understand your position. "If any one of us starts to be rude we instantly change the subject of discussion to no matter what, we begin to remember heard unconfirmed rumors and give out them as important".
But I want to tell you here all around believe your team is very strong and no need to refute this.

About unexpected "provoke penalty". Guessing already sixth season in a row penalty given when there is proof of violations regardless of cw status.
In your online video game career of 16 years someone continued to complain about the playoffs after free winning in the first round? Can someone to blame for the fact that you missed the match for third place? Then show the finger at this treacherous man and we will punish him together. Recognize that this is the main reason for all this.

Очень интересный взгляд со стороны человека, команда которого каждый раз скринит любой анманер в свой адрес и просит наказать. Но ведь и в самом деле, как можно Нику быть на столько невоспитанным и не следить за языком, чтобы рассердить такое милое, скромное, миролюбивое, добродушное и любезное создание как КОДОС??? Естественно, тот его в совершенно мягкой форме попросил захлопнуть ебальник и назвал пидарасом. Ник же в свою очередь, как и положено некультурному хаму, неспособному признавать ошибок, просто взял и выписал добрым людям пенальти. Предлагаю лишить его партбилета!
he's clearly upset about losing: > http://nwc3l.com/replays?view=2195

he knew our player had to leave soon, and runs around without leaving. No GG either. Head admin has a responsibility to be a bit more mannered i think
THe reason why everyone started getting annoyed at selec7 in our clan is because he kept saying we were 'bot abusing' 'ping abusing' to win. "nice tactic ping + a click" saying our team only won because of the ping. When WEAREFOALS had 450ms. But I don't really care anymore. GG
[OwNu] OA
very well said # 5 the pp point given during clanwar was unnecessary. he coulda waited till after clanwar. ofc its gonna provoke us. In my online video game career of 16 years. ive never seen an admin who PLAYS the clanwar, an hands out judge calls an PPs when he loses or is upset.

we should add sonik to our team an let admins deal with that :)
[OwNu] OA
lol @ # 6

(01:32 / All) WEAREFOALS: WEAREFOALS: 470ms, SweeT: 283ms, Dx_Dx_m4Q71m: 196ms, sheik: 184ms, HexStompCrit: 178ms, aelynn: 176ms,
(01:32 / All) WEAREFOALS: drunkenwanken.: 165ms, Bizzare: 146ms, Selec7: 138ms, Over-Admire.: 29ms, KODOS_FORSAKEN: 28ms

those were pings for game 1 . foals had highest ping... he doesnt complain once. only you complain. Point is. you being head juddge should not be allowed to make judge calls. conflict of interest. you were still on tilt from your solo match vs iamtry. he had you won very clearly . but you run around map for 30 mins. pro longing the game.. very bad mannered. you have been like this with viki since last season.

(also on fs bot , americans had 150+ pings vs your 40ms...) you dont even compromise. you force us to play on fs bot. once again making a biased judge call to benifet you.

do your self a favor guys. watch nicks games vs iamtry. Shows how unmannered nick is.. considering hes a judge/admin. very poor behaviour. When you know you lost a game just say GG an move on. he doesnt say GG at any point.

Go ahead an give us ALL the pp points you want in the end ViKi still > nick :) . dont worry. with all your pp's well still get to playoffs.
Yes, you as always right, no way ...
"I think if an admin is particpating in a clanwar, he shouldn't be able to make judge calls." So you and your teammates can speak any bullshit in my or other participant side and I have to endure it? Nice position! And it all just because i said discontent about laggy host (from my player side, when it shows 138 but you get 400 and 500 for sheik (38 ms for KODOS), i have 138 on China server and know what i talking about). How admin i have a big question how it can be possible, it fake ping or abuse... After this when we play on Fs bot, all was ok for your 2s they have ping ~100 and less...

For Shorty, if you was more attentive you can see 3 screenshot, not include game 1 chat. It
far not single one word, it's systematic insults from ViKi side and not only in my side.

So keep yourself in the hands too, be more mannered and this situation not reapet anymore.
i agree, Nick was biased being mad of his loss when he gave those penalty points to clan ViKi

usually i think we can ignore such a little display of bm like single word after game, also Nick provoked Kodos and also Nick is main admin so giving the penalty to opponents is unfair especially during the cw and not after it was finished, cuz it might provoke even more bm chat
[OwNu] OA
well said #3. I think if an admin is particpating in a clanwar, he shouldn't be able to make judge calls. conflict of interest.
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Kodos is undoubtedly one of the most unmannered players not just in the league, but also in W3Arena. However, the double standard of the admin is interesting to be noted. Last season in our match against MKG when Inbrahimovic (who is currently muted on W3Arena for offending other players by the way) called me "bitch", there were no repercussions, although there was clear proof (http://nwc3l.com/upload/screenshots/477_36.png) of the conversation. Here is what admin's answer was in that situation: "seems he just said, not said that someone from rbr is it :D". However, apparently the admin had no problem associating the word "phaggot" (twice - in the channel chat and in game) with some of his team members (it is extremely important to note that the admin is also a player in clan Dx) and penalizing the other team accordingly.

Again, I am in no way an advocate of Kodos here, who as I mentioned is one of the worst mannered players in the league and has deserved penalties in at least 3 or 4 other occasions in the past (never received such). I am just saying that the same mechanism of penalization should (and must) be used every time, not just when the admin is personally affected. Otherwise the league will turn into Russia (and every other pseudo-communist country for that matter) - a land where all are equal, but some are more equal than others.
Dont need screenshot, enough just "show chat log" here http://nwc3l.com/replays?view=2179
no screenshot of kodos saying anything? wonder why

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