Week 3: Digital Xtreme [Dx] vs Legendary Gamerz [LG]

07.05.2017 17:00 CEST
Date Team Points Description
18.05.17 - 14:51 CEST Dx 1.00 5.1. Not filed on time lineup
Overall for match - Team Dx Overall for match - Team LG
1.00 0
River Bend
NWC3L version (for load use - !load RB):
Version 1.2:
- Turtles (orange point) near respawns moved from deep water to shallow water.
- Goblins Merchants and Observatories minor moved.
- Green points near respawns switched.
- Starting mana of all creeps now is 0.
Version 1.3:
- Creeps on upper right and bottom left Gold Mines reinforced to the red point.
Ruined Rainbow
NWC3L version (for load use - !load RR):
- Moved respawns.
- Weakened creeps on Goblin Observatory.
- Reinforced green point creeps near respawns, added drop device.
- Creeps on outsides Gold Mines reinforced.
- Quantity of gold in outsides Gold Mines increased from 12500 to 15000.
Version 1.2:
- Added taverns.
- Little fixes and improvements.
Version 1.3:
- Improved moving near main gold mines (now units follow beside creeps without agring).
- Reworked some creeps and drops on orange and green points.
(W3A: Selec7)
(W3A: LG.Poe)
Rift Valley
For load use - !load RV
(W3A: AraAraBRamSSSS)
(W3A: b2w.boka)
(W3A: LG.Poe)

Map Pool 1x1


Map Pool 2x2

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[LG] Drunkenwanken

iknowulikeme is online, he will play! message him, i am still ingame vs clan ls.

[LG] Drunkenwanken

Okay, so lets go now /w me in w3a.

[Dx] maktim

ok let's reseed

[LG] Drunkenwanken

So, whats up here? Still no solution, make reseed we can play later after regular clanwar or i will take def.

[LG] Drunkenwanken

Would be a fair solution @ agent, but let's see.

[SQK] ag3nt

Maybe admin will make exception for Biko vs Boka match and allow them to play on next week (after "deadline")?

[Dx] maktim

Yes bro but we talking about biko and he was there

[LG] Drunkenwanken

Ehm, don't tell wrong story.

- We allowed reseed 2n2 cuz nick wasnt there and sheik was playing gera
- We agreed pp SV cuz nick wasnt there
- We agreed pp DI cuz sheik was playing gera and it was getting to late
- You didnt make LU in time

All was just fine and we did fair agreements imo, but with the deadline of sunday to play last games we have to find solution. As you can see in comments we tried to find one and you just didnt react. So what? Now we shall be fucked cuz you are not able to react in time? That's should not be our fault.

[Dx] maktim

** it was your postpone **
Cool story. We postponed sheik's and nick's games while biko was there played 2v2 and could have played RB or SV but ur players were in hurry or didnt want.

[LG] Drunkenwanken

Hello maktim,
we waited since 07.05.17 and boka is on holidays now, so he can not play anymore. That's why I said "till wednesday". We will not reseed since it was your postpone and boka already tried to find a date ( see comments ). It was your choice not to react or find solution ( reseed biko whatever ). We want to take defwin here since deadline is sunday and nearly 2 weeks are gone.

PS: All members of LG send best wishes for biko!

[Dx] maktim

Dear legendary gamerz. As far as i know Araarabrams has serious health problems. Since I am not his doctor I can't force him to risk the future of his children and go to the battlefield to fight against Mr. Boka. Now we just have to wait for news from him and hope for the best.

Regarding the last option on wednesday:
- He plays right now and can till the evening ( https://goodgame.ru/channel/AraAraBRamSSSS/ );
- I'm afraid to upset you, but wednesday is not the last day of the week.

[LG] Drunkenwanken

Since new info came out "play weeks from 1 to 4 deadline is end of this week" we need to find a solution here. If biko is still ill please reseed.
Boka can play tomorrow nearly whole day, last option wednesday 20cet.

[LG] Boka

biko today 14 cet ? ?

[LG] Drunkenwanken


[LG] Drunkenwanken

Dates for biko - boka please.

[Dx] Nick

Looks good, lets go!)

[LG] Poe

how about tomorrow around 8?

[LG] sTaZero

okay 18 CET

[Dx] sheik

today 18 cet go

[Dx] Nick

Hey Poe any dates and times ?

[LG] sTaZero

Hey Sheik,

possible Dates tuesday - Thursday 18 CET - 20 CET or Sunday 12-17 CET

[LG] Boka

possible dates:
today between 16 and 18 CET
tomorrow same

[LG] Drunkenwanken

rb ara 0:0 boka pp
rr rvs 2:0 lolas
di sheik 0:0 stazero pp
sv nick 0:0 poe pp
rv biko/rvs 1:2 boka/poe

[Dx] maktim

rb ara
rr rvs
di sheik
sv nick
rv sheik nick

[LG] Drunkenwanken

Lineups where?

[LG] Drunkenwanken

We have to postpone RB. Dates will follow.
Please let us start with the 2n2 if possible.

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