Week 1: Run Bi7ch Run [rbr] vs OwNu RenTner [OwNu]

23.04.2017 17:00 CEST
Date Team Points Description
09.05.17 - 15:49 CEST OwNu 0.50 5.4. For playing race not specified in line up on starting map
For player - ToX
Overall for match - Team rbr Overall for match - Team OwNu
0 0.50
(W3A: LexBG)
(W3A: TheScourage)
(W3A: rbr.sw1tch)
(W3A: MaliJkR)
Snow Drop
NWC3L version (for load use - !load SD):
- Spiders (green point) in the mid of map moved for no agrobilty to near running units.
(W3A: rbr.moon)
(W3A: Touch.fi)
(W3A: pG.MisterWinner)
(W3A: DrowningPool)
(W3A: TheScourage)

Map Pool 1x1


Map Pool 2x2

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[OwNu] JokeRn.

we wanna finish that series, when can you play?


After finishing match rbr vs. pG - last bo3 here not necessary, but you still can play it if you want.

[OwNu] yaBoltez

for ava - can we play the 2n2 this week ? after 8pm cest should work for me :)

[OwNu] JokeRn.

ok talked to admin we gotta play this, when can you play? ill write dates asap too

[OwNu] JokeRn.

isnt deadline over anyway?
if not i try to reach 2 noobs who can play it out

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Admin, please set default time for the last game 2vs2.

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Guys, I would suggest we reseed one of our players for the 2vs2 game to make it easier to arrange the time. Zdravko has been very busy recently, so it might be easier if we just sub him with LeX. What do you think?

[OwNu] BounD

Sorry we had wc3cl final
Today :c

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

After the match we have for this week if that's OK? Probably around 19:00 CET.

[OwNu] BounD

What time?

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Our 2vs2 team said Sunday afternoon, is that OK?

ToX, are you around to play vs LeX later tonight or tomorrow?

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Checking with our 2vs2 team.

[OwNu] BounD

what about 2n2 ?

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

LeX won't be around this week, that's why I suggested 6 May (next Saturday) as the match date. Does it work for you?

[OwNu] ToX

Lex vs ToX tomorrow 14:00 CET?

[OwNu] BounD

Yeah work s for us.
Would be Nice to finish 2n2 before 21 cet Cuz Yaboltez has to leave then

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Guys any info? How do the following times sound:

Thursday (27 April), 20:00pm CET - 2vs2
Thursday (27 April), 18:30pm CET - Imperius vs Bound
Saturday (6 May), any time - LeX vs ToX


[rbr] rbr.Shorty

I got the following answers:

Imperius: any day from Wednesday onward, after 12pm (noon) CET

2vs2: still waiting for a confirmation from Lubber, but normally both of them are available after 8pm CET on weekdays. Zdravko told me Tuesday and Thursday this week would be best for him.

LeX: he is not around this week, but the game could be played any time next week

[OwNu] yaBoltez

Is a reseed maybe possible ?

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Checking with my players. The game of LeX will need to be postponed for a while, because he is not around this week.

[OwNu] BounD

Im able to Play at After 18 cet aswell.
Rest of the Week aswell Not before 18. what s working for imperius?

[OwNu] yaBoltez

Today ? At 6pm cet for the 2n2

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

I don't see the reason to argue (unless you insist), so I think the easiest thing would be to schedule some time to finish the remaining matches. Let me know what times work best for you.

[OwNu] yaBoltez

imperius was max. 40 min in channel ownu

[OwNu] BounD

lul haha
as yosh said im around 18-19 cet
some People have to drive a bit and want to eat something after driving like 3 hours Ya know?
i just joined games and was afk afterwards.
didnt see any Messages for me for reply

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Imperius waited for Bound almost 2 hours. He was observing the game of Jokern refusing to start his game. None of the representatives of OwNu was replying, so this game is postponed as well.

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

The 2vs2 will need to be PPed.

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

We are in clan rbr.

[OwNu] Yosh

ok we seeded around the pp on dr so all good. 2s and tr will be home between 18-19 cet. the rest can be played out right away.

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Guys, we will likely need to postpone Death Road.

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