Week 3: The Mighty oYo [oYo] vs Run Bi7ch Run [rbr]

07.05.2017 17:00 CEST
Date Team Points Description
23.05.17 - 21:09 CEST oYo 0.50 5.2. Not uploaded replay within 48 hours after the match
For player - Blade
22.05.17 - 00:17 CEST oYo 1.00 5.2. Not uploaded replays within 48 hours after the match
For player - sH0Wt1Me.
Overall for match - Team oYo Overall for match - Team rbr
1.50 0
River Bend
NWC3L version (for load use - !load RB):
Version 1.2:
- Turtles (orange point) near respawns moved from deep water to shallow water.
- Goblins Merchants and Observatories minor moved.
- Green points near respawns switched.
- Starting mana of all creeps now is 0.
Version 1.3:
- Creeps on upper right and bottom left Gold Mines reinforced to the red point.
(W3A: LexBG)
Ruined Rainbow
NWC3L version (for load use - !load RR):
- Moved respawns.
- Weakened creeps on Goblin Observatory.
- Reinforced green point creeps near respawns, added drop device.
- Creeps on outsides Gold Mines reinforced.
- Quantity of gold in outsides Gold Mines increased from 12500 to 15000.
Version 1.2:
- Added taverns.
- Little fixes and improvements.
Version 1.3:
- Improved moving near main gold mines (now units follow beside creeps without agring).
- Reworked some creeps and drops on orange and green points.
(W3A: Mockjay)
(W3A: rbr.sw1tch)
(W3A: Eucalyptus)
(W3A: PracticeMan)
(W3A: pG.MisterWinner)
Rift Valley
For load use - !load RV
(W3A: Eucalyptus)
(W3A: Saidin)

Map Pool 1x1


Map Pool 2x2

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[oYo] Leo-speo

Oh cool thx for playing imperius, even tho it was ok to take def on last map! Can't set score tho admins have to put in

[pG] Imperius

1-2 blade win.

[pG] Imperius

Before the gera-tournament, a great time to play

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Since today is the deadline and there is no time given by Blade + he didn't show up for the last 2 arranged times, we have no choice but to ask for a tech win for the last game between Imperius and Blade.

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

It seems like Blade doesn't have the intention of finishing this match...

[oYo] Leo-speo

After blade is still not here rbr can take def for the last map or decide to play it tmr, since imperius wants to go offline now

[pG] Imperius

here and rdy play w3arena: /j clan rbr

[Fs] Edoboi

They decided today 18:00 to play

[oYo] Leo-speo

Show will come to your channel later, and will ask blade but I think should be no problem until Sunday

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Any news from Blade? We need to finish this match by Sunday.

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

OK, confirmed for Showtime. How about Imperii vs Blade?

[oYo] Leo-speo

Show just said after 16 so I would suggest we meet around 1700 but I will ask him again

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

What time on Friday for Showtime?

Could you please reply to Imperius regarding the last game vs Blade?


[oYo] Leo-speo

Friday might work for showtime ..

[pG] Imperius

i loss moocup. practiceman loos mppcup. but practiceman offline its sad( Tomorrow play final?or practiceman online fast?i off stream in ~30-40min(tired)

[Fs] Edoboi

imerpius 1-1 blade

imperius left to play moocup.

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

So we have times for both matches:

SV: Monday or Tuesday 17:00 CET

RR: Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday after 16:00 CET. He has classes on Monday and Tuesday until very late in the evening.

[pG] Imperius

Monday or Tuesday for secret vally at 17:00 - good. We will be guided by these numbers) I'm very often online on w3arena . You always know where to find me, if I'm not available on the server (dnd vs haters/retards ) - I'm always available on the stream(twitch or goodgame.ru)

[pG] Imperius

[oYo] Leo-speo
[oYo] Edoboi

Hi guys. Today I was online at lunchtime, but I was tired (26+ hours without sleep, after my computer was attacked by the virus of the wannacry and I had to restore at least working files on the computer).

Yes, this week we will play. I hope even today (on Monday). Of course if the blade is online on the w3arena, because the whole last week when I was ready to play, and I wanted to play - the blade was offline w3a

[Fs] Edoboi

Today, 11:59:49
EdoBoii : hi
EdoBoii : imperius ?
EdoBoii : when can you play vs blade today ?
Today, 14:45:42
magothic : hello edo
magothic : now i going sleep
magothic : maybe in ~5-7 hourse play

so that was today on twicht, after he offered to play today. I already gave times and dates twice for blades match. Leo-speo posted a date for the other match today. I am still waiting from your side for Secret Valley with DAY and TIME after i tried a few times see below:

#10 07.05.2017 19:38:14 CEST
[oYo] Edoboi
Monday or Tuesday for secret vally at 17:00

#27 12.05.2017 16:31:38 CEST
[oYo] Edoboi
Please posts dates for SV, Blade is offering tomorrow after 12:00
please let us know possible dates and times

[oYo] Leo-speo

Tuesday 1800 is next and for now last possibility for showtime. Hope you manage that ;)

[oYo] Leo-speo

You are funny we are posting times for our pp game the whole time but imperius just dnds all time. Now he said he's going to sleep and will be back in the evening so we still expect it to be played today, even tho it is rly shitty for our player to wait the whole time without a set time. And rr is your postpone so you should post dates there too ;). I will ask Show anyway but he seems busy this weekend so can take a while

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Guys, can you *PLEASE* give us exact time when both of your players (Showtime and Blade) can be available, and I will do my best to relay the times to our players as soon as possible, so that we could arrange to have the matches played?

[oYo] Leo-speo

[oYo] Leo-speo

Imperius currently steaming but not answering ... :/ maybe one of you can inform him that we are waiting

[Fs] Edoboi

Thats sucks :/ so today 13cet or 16cet ? Lets aggree on a time

[pG] Imperius

guys my pc attacked virus wannacry. all files die( i now remove all and new windows+download drivers. I need to restore 800gb of data(films.music.games and other). Very bad days - Excuse that so it is long. Earlier, when I was ready to play, the practiceman was offline. I think we will play today!

[Fs] Edoboi


[oYo] Leo-speo

Any news rbr? Would like to see this finished..

[Fs] Edoboi

Please posts dates for SV, Blade is offering tomorrow after 12:00

please let us know possible dates and times

[Fs] Edoboi

Please posts dates for SV, Blade is offering tomorrow please let us know possible dates and times

[oYo] Leo-speo

@reggg you offered, we took. Move on. And stay where you belong pls.


@oyo maybe answer in our cw instead of taking defwin for no reasons and without consulting.

[oYo] Leo-speo

yea tryed to wisp him but he was dnd in main channel : D well i think both of them are online often, they should figure smth out. ive more worries about show vs sw1tch .. show is kinda busy lately might take some time or a reseed to play it.

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

The Emperor said PracticeMan wasn't online by the time he went offline. Maybe it would be best to schedule some specific time for that match. He is normally around after 11am CET until about 7pm CET.

Sorry that we missed Showtime. Please let me know at least 1 day in advance about the timing, because Switch and I are in very different time zones and we usually need to communicate match-related stuff in advance.

[oYo] Leo-speo

Showtime would be available during the next 2hours i know it's short notice but I will send him to your channel

[oYo] Leo-speo

he can just try to wisp him then I'm not home atm ;)

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

That's not how the Force works! But in any case, The Emperor told me that He is going to sleep now, so when He wakes up (around 1-2pm according to his words) He would be ready to play. He said He could definitely play it today, so practiceman can directly contact Him as He will most likely be online on w3arena.

[oYo] Leo-speo

May the force be with you

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Checking with The Emperor.

[oYo] Leo-speo

Else pls give us some alternative dates..

[oYo] Leo-speo

Hm ok will try to figure smth out then:/ , blade vs imperius tday or tmr 5pm was working tho?

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Unfortunately, Switch has classes tomorrow the whole day, so he won't be around. He said he can make it any day from Wednesday onward, after 16:00pm CET.

[oYo] Leo-speo

For RR we can offer tomorrow 1800 and sadly this is atm the only possible time for him so would be perfect if you make it ;) else we have to figure smth out..

[oYo] Leo-speo

We agreed on playing Tm as Start Map in 2on2 since we didn't found a bit with rv

[oYo] Leo-speo

Blade vs imperius will be played another day since imperius has to go sleep and blade is still in Gera cup

[Fs] Edoboi

Monday or Tuesday for secret vally at 17:00

we are still waiting for your 2on2-team on w3arena

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Guys is anyone around to play any games?

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Jop, RR postponed - final answer!

[Fs] Edoboi

So ruined rainbow pped on your side thats final adjustment now ?

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Sorry, we needed to make a change, so we need to postpone Ruined Rainbow :/ Deserted Isles can be played today, as well as all other maps.

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

We might need to PP Deserted Isles :(

[oYo] Leo-speo

Any pps from your side? Atm looks like we can play all, maybe 1 solo pp since he has trouble with patchback will keep u posted.

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Oh man, even I felt burnt by that :(

[oYo] Leo-speo

sorry priest but we decided not to mix up with na, its a pain to organize with timedifferences

[ViKi] PriesT

put me in

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