Week 1: Team ViKiNGS [ViKi] vs Connectical Cybersport [geST]

03.09.2017 17:00 CEST
Date Team Points Description
03.09.17 - 18:45 CEST geST 5.00 5.6. Technical defeat of the team
03.09.17 - 18:06 CEST geST 1.00 5.1. Not filed on time lineup
Overall for match - Team ViKi Overall for match - Team geST
0 6.00
(Battle.Net: BOLT7HEODO)
TechLose Team 2
(Battle.Net: )
(Battle.Net: )
TechLose Team 2
(Battle.Net: )
Terenas Stand LV
Ladder Version (for load use - !load TSLV):
- Swapped Start Location with Goblin Laboratory
- Swapped Goblin Laboratory with Mercenary Camp
- Swapped two center green creep camps with orange creep camps
- Changed corner player expansions from green creep camps to orange creep camps
- Moved starting green creep camps further from start location
- Added unpathable terrain to the eastern Mercenary camp, so that both sides of the map have relatively the same amount of unpathable terrain
(Battle.Net: Aw]DanGer)
TechLose Team 2
(Battle.Net: )
(Battle.Net: ENA1337)
TechLose Team 2
(Battle.Net: )
(Battle.Net: ENA1337)
TechLose Team 2
(Battle.Net: )
(Battle.Net: )

Map Pool 1x1


Map Pool 2x2



Yes good insecurity , very good
[LG] OettingerAlt
definitly you, sweetheart :*
[HOT] ena1337
Not sure about who's trying to be the insecure bully here
[LG] OettingerAlt
ena is like a school bully who wants to fight everyone to cover his own insecurities :D
[HOT] ena1337
go showmatch now bo5 he can pick maps im ready
[WLV2] MartialSpirit
Beyond this discussion, I suggest admins to do a background check on the new clan managers and some players before approving them for this league. A full clan war forfeit should totally disqualify the clan from ever participating again, and I agree with ag3nt: managers are the mirror of the clan values and principles. A toxic manager will most likely contaminate his clan.

Showmatch: Zerox vs Ena (Date?)
[HOT] ena1337
@ #75:

So you actually don't pay your own bills and live in Mama's house?

So you fear to 1on1 me?

And you actually tolerate maphackers and tell me to stop fighting maphackers?

Seems like you are a pretty toxic, mad, immature and fearful boy.
#74 I just cant believe what im reading. You are so consistently dumb, you never miss a beat.
Sorry but I really cant argue with someone with IQ lower then 20.
I dont want to ask anyone, no one cares about your stupid cups.
Point is that you are whining about soemones ban and you are banned yourself.
Stupid hypocrit.
Im done here.
[HOT] ena1337
@ #73:

Check reddit, ask neo, marsimoo, oa, ugrilainen,... And they'll let u figure out.

So you're saying I am worse than you because I actually do not live on my family's expenses but you do? What the hell is that logic lol! Go pay your own bills before talking to me

So you're feeling strong?
Then go ahead and 1on1 me if you feel that strong, angry boy. Bo5, pick maps. Or u fear?

FYI, this game is living outside of w3arena nowadays.
And how are you worth to community? Evading w3a ban to organize some cattle cup?
Its not on your "mind" that some of us actually have lifes, kids, jobs, are not on students on our families expenses? Some of us played this game 10 years ago actively and now just having fun for the sake of old times.
Which titles you earned? You played 3 bo3's, even you won all its not even a small contribution. You are flying from Viki to Umad every friday, will you collect some other player skills and winnings to yourself maybe again?
Only valid point is that you are the loudest for other players ban and you are banned too. Hypocricy and end of story.
If u wanna talk about skill, other topic at all, check wc3l history, bnet seasons, all older leagues. I beat names u couldnt even match on ladder back then.
So if u ask me, u are the lowest, nin existant, scum over here. 20 titles will not make u skilled player nor valued person in community because you are limited to understand basic stuff.
[WLV2] FpXy
the lame ger clan with no yagami stop trolling
[HOT] ena1337
Then why in hell do you talk if you dodge?
[LG] sTaZero
well if u dont know my past clan tag - thats sad for you. But let me tell you , sTa-Gaming paid well. But that was back in times where UK had only 1 Player who could play warcraft3 ... where eps and eas was still in shape. Wc3l and NGL-One where n1 to watch. Gamesports and Waaghtv where your best friends. But yeah , be the king in a dead game and be proud of it.

And why i should do bo3/bo5 ? Wc3 is just fun -In the last 8 years my most active time where 2 or 3 weeks of ladder lol.
[HOT] ena1337
@ #68 :

I can't find your no name in any top earning list so stop telling feary tales and go play a Bo5 vs me if you're feeling so strong and have a big mouth.


And what's ur daily life like? Still visiting kindergarden?

[LG] sTaZero
#56 still earned more money with wc3 then you. So have fun with your serious warcraft titles lol
[Fs] Drunkenwanken
What do you do in your freetime? Playing politican?
[HOT] ena1337
Again, no insults, just expression of what you are making out of yourselves
[Fs] Drunkenwanken
Scroll down the comments and count your insults anything left to say?
[HOT] aventador
@#62 Are you done with your essay yet or do you need an extra 250 words to explain how not retarded you sound. I don't know who you guys nor do I care but I think its safe to assume LG is a bunch of bitter people that have no direction in this league besides trolling. Not interested to continue any further with some RT plebs. Enjoy the many hours you spend refreshing this page. lmao #CupOfHope
[HOT] ena1337
Get out of our match page you annoying existence. You and your words are worthless
[Fs] Drunkenwanken
@ ena and his new friend aventador:

guys like you try all the fucking time with nonsense like:

" writing paragraphs with your other LG members just shows how bitter you guys really are"
"You guys from LG will never make it any far in this scene, and it's due to your toxic attitude"
"Not busy enough to harras a ViKi Manager in his own match page though"
"You guys Zerox, Oettinger and drunken are worthless to the community"
"The world doesn't revolve around two nonames aka ZeRoX + oettingeralt agreeing with each other."

to make sure most of the community will agree with you. this wont work for ever, time will come people will change their mind and think about your acting overall.

as i said before the point of argue in this case is completely mixed up right now and turned into a trashtalk, like it always turn if a conversation is starting with you.

atm you are insulting whole clan LG for an opinion of two. seems legit.
and please dont start to learn anything for example ask admin of league about clan gest "behind the scene". keep doing shit in public!
[HOT] aventador
@#58 The fact you come in here writing paragraphs with your other LG members just shows how bitter you guys really are. I agree with Skutt, just stop flaming each other and let the games do the talking.
[LG] OettingerAlt
mate you are starting the flame wars in every cw we are playing :D but i love your delusions!
[HOT] ena1337

What are you here for instead? Just to waste your worthless time by harrassing a competitive and improving player/team manager? Sad to see a person being proud for the achievements he gathered based on the hard dedication he put into? What the hell is that logic? That's how the world is supposed to work. You work hard for what you earn.

Let's get this straight: This is a competitive game environment, even if it's an old game.

So when I put my time into WC3, I want to accomplish achievements. That means:

- high stats in ladder
- tournament high places
- league titles
- general improvement
- win games in general
(I expect the same from my team mates, that's why I chose ViKi as my clan!)

Now for that I have to make sure my environment suits to these goals. If my opponent is a maphacker, how do you expect me to be quiet and not discuss about it?

For your information, I can also play on any server I want. w3arena, NetEase, BNet, PTR 1.28.6 Server, WarNet Arena (Brazil), ICCUP, ...
Technically I can.
Though, for the sake of not creating more discrepancy, I have stopped ban evading on w3arena.

You guys from LG will never make it any far in this scene, and it's due to your toxic attitude. Congrats to your WC3CL title though, that's the only thing you deserve admiration for.
[LG] OettingerAlt
i for sure wont claim any title. but i can play anywhere i want so im fine with that :)
its really sad to see you being proud of achievements you hardly contributed to.
WIth this logic i could say im a wc3cl champ :P

PS: Im not mad actually, i just dislike toxic guys like ena, my best bud. He is cute when mad :)
[HOT] aventador
LG mad LUL
[HOT] ena1337
The one who claimed the title you will never claim
[LG] sTaZero
What da fuck is ena1337?
"ena, my bro, im not fighting anyone, but seems that u like feeling offended."

[HOT] ena1337
Nothing to deal with here
[Fs] Drunkenwanken
That's your opinion, i can deal with that. Can you?
[HOT] ena1337
@ #49:

And still your opinion is worthless
[SWE] Skutt
Guys, we all love warcraft 3, we all wanna play in a league, lets get off each others back and just enjoy a nice season with great teams. Please
[Fs] Drunkenwanken
We expect ban = ban.
We expect staying @ topic.
We expect liberal, objective arguements without mixing points of argue.
We expect rules and decisions made by staff and admins.

We didnt haras you, oettingeralt did say his point of view about bans.
I showed my point about your ability to argue with the facts written above.
[HOT] ena1337
What do you guys expect? Harrassing somebody and not getting any shots back?

There's a difference between flaming and reasoning your point based on an argument. You guys gave perfect examples for the opinions stated here
[LG] OettingerAlt
here we go flaming again ena? :D all i were doing is talking about bans are equal. you can call me an equalist. Well our LG cups are only for the "lowest, pathetic and most worthless examples of the german(not really only german) society" .
[Fs] Drunkenwanken
aaaah good job ena, now you showing your true face.

as far as i can see in the comments, oettingeralt and even me didnt insult you, but you are insulting us + zerox right now, cuz we are not the same opinon like you.
we already did clan cups btw, but we dont need to talk in public about, no need. we dont need compare anything.
overall its once again very funny to see that a conversation with you about "bans and maphackers" turns into personal insultings, comparision and trashtalk. far away from original topic, like always.
and later on you will try to turn everything around with chatlogs andscreenshots, cuz you are "hard working person".

btw, why did you post comment in match page dx - oce? its THEIR match page!!!!!!
stop being 2-face
[HOT] ena1337
Bring up a LG cup.

Or u guys feeling too busy for that? Not busy enough to harras a ViKi Manager in his own match page though. You guys are pathetic, the lowest example of what German society can present.
[HOT] ena1337
You guys Zerox, Oettinger and drunken are worthless to the community. You being gone would have no influence. Nobody would miss you.

I will raise my voice even louder whenever I can. It's 500x more worth than yours.

You threatening to insult me shows what kind of utter low human beings we have to deal with here.

@ag3nt: show me please that you know what you are talking about... which rule exactly did I break before my initial server ban?

The dog barks, the caravan goes ...
[Fs] Drunkenwanken
its again not about YOU are talking in YOUR matchcomments, its about you talking ABOUT.

your behaviour is up to, i talked about insulting. and i will insult you again if you force to be. why do you take this sentence and set in relation to fighting hackers? again you are mixing points of argue. basically i didnt say anthing about maphacker, w3a, bans or even nwc3l.

but i can see you try to fight maphackers, thats okay.

mb zerox and oettingeralt try to fight banned people? thats not okay? :D

at least you started this conservation here in YOUR matchcomments but it does affect the whole league. Deal with this.

[LG] OettingerAlt
ena, my bro, im not fighting anyone, but seems that u like feeling offended. My comments here are in no way against viki itsself. You bring up stuff from two seasons ago... my first encounter with you were a wall of flame released by you onto my teammates.

You are banned for a reason, so is no-thx apearently. You were also banned on twitch aswell, unable to learn...

PS: im not okay with hacking, trolling or any behaviour harming the community.
Собака лает - караван идёт
[SQK] ag3nt
>solelly due to the despotism of one head administrator

You don't agree with rules ≠ despotism of one head administrator.

For those who compare ena and no-thx violations
According to w3a ena violations are enough no ban on w3a, but according to nwc3l they are not enough to ban on nwc3l, so he should be fine here.
[HOT] ena1337
this is OUR match page. don't dare to ask my why I am talking here. you better get yourself out of here. so why do you talk in our match page?

& no, everything is up to you. you are trying to fight somebody who is fighting maphackers? seriously? so basically you are saying, it is okay to be a maphacker? in a wc3 league?
[Fs] Drunkenwanken
check point 6. why do you STILL talk?

at least people who force to be insulted should not be surprised if they get insulted.

i did insult you, yes! .... and i would do again if you force to be... your choice, its very simple. remember last clanwar @ wc3cl, everything was fine. its up to you.

[HOT] ena1337
drunken ...

didn't you insult us all way through, 2 seasons ago ? why do you even talk?
[Fs] Drunkenwanken

1. you are mixing up the point of argue, noone was talking about viki or any other clans, its just about YOU.

2. why do you compare so much? Who did talk about titles, work or anything else?

3. you are talking about insulting, offensive and unmannered behavior. you do the same shit right now in these matchcomments with trying to compare and level out. the world is revolving around you?

4. respect other opinions. if you are talking about banned players, you dont think about yourself?

5. just stop the trash and let admins of league do their job and all fine.

6. dont even think about to reply to this comment, over and out.
[HOT] ena1337
The world doesn't revolve around two nonames aka ZeRoX + oettingeralt agreeing with each other.

Me being excluded/banned from a technically & userbasewise dying server, solelly due to the despotism of one head administrator, does not change the support provided and received.

You both never earned one NWC3L title on your belts.

Team ViKings did win NWC3L Season 6 with a league head manager who is banned from the main server being played on, who despite that fact still did his job every week and on top of that qualified as a player for the playoffs of his team.

You guys can keep hating, but it won't change that we will keep winning!
I agree with Alt. Whores talking about honesty, as always.
[LG] OettingerAlt
despite all your "accomplishments" : ban is a ban. no difference. have a nice day ena!
[HOT] ena1337
@ #31:

Yes there is a huge difference between a banned hard-working person who provides services for the whole wc3 community without expecting any payment in return and someone who calls himself OettingerAlt who has nothing better to do but to harras the first mentioned person whenever possible.

The difference is that even with my ban I already made it further than you will ever do in this community. If you want any evidence, check my streamlabs, twitter, ESL/ena-cup participation, ... statistics / ask Marsimoo / ask Neo / ask OverAdmire ...

Apart from the fact that gameplaywise you wouldn't take a map off me in a BO5.

So go ahead and please try to explain to me, what in the hell of earth gives you the privilegue to open your mouth in a conversation of real men? You freedom of speech? Sure, go rely on that, you made it really far so far...
[LG] OettingerAlt
@12 ban is a ban, no difference for me
[HOT] ena1337
@#29: Get out of our matchpage lmao
Hello #20.

Any update if a USA hostbot is coming to ladder again, so I can continue to practice 1v1

Kind Regards,

oCe Manager and professional Australian player: SweeT
[HOT] ena1337
I don't understand what's "lol" about that.

1) you didn't show up
2) you didn't say anything here
3) you set no lineup

that's a clear defwin for us

- cw closed -
[geST] No-thx
that's lol?
[HOT] ena1337
geST didn't show up
geST has no lineup

ViKi claims 15-0 defwin please @ admin
[HOT] ena1337
no lineup by you? lmao
[HOT] ena1337
meet channel clan viki. lets play matches simultaneously if possible so we finish this cw fast. lets try to start with 2on2
[HOT] ena1337
@ #21

in umad vs viki, i want u vs me on 1on1 bo3 match
[WLVS] Wal3eyyy
y be careful pls
Playar is Anonymous. He is legion. He does not forgive. He does not forget. Dread him.
No "xD"
Wal3eyyy told you I troll you because he fears penality points but I dont troll you. I don't care. No sucka here.
Gl hf for games
[OwNu] Yosh
ag3nt hit the nail on the head with his comment. If we cannot trust the orga himself to not cheat in game, how can we trust him to make sure that his players won't cheat? We can safely assume that he has 0 morals if he is maphacking on a server that was created to try and stop maphackers from ruin our gaming experience in the first place so I find it hard to trust any team that he is involved with. Of course the final decision is Nick's since this is his league but I think that everyone just wants some sort of clarity.
[HOT] ena1337
"Should I talk to your clan leader a little bit?" : Cyber-balance spotted.
"If you wish to duel me ingame, feel free to contact me on the weekend, I will give you a short BO3. " : Cyber-gangsta spotted

Indeed, the value you provide is much better. I deserve you my full respect Sir.
[HOT] ena1337
@ #16:
You are obviously insulting me here. That's offensive and unmannered behavior. Should I talk to your clan leader a little bit? I'm sure he does not want your team to get penalty points because you cannot control yourself. You don't provide any value in our discussion here, so go away. If you wish to duel me ingame, feel free to contact me on the weekend, I will give you a short BO3.
1) Telling to someone to get a brain is an insult ? No
2) Observation of the fact that beeing a fucker is not respectful is an insult ? : No

1+2) "You are a fucker and you are an idiot" is an insult.

Here you go.
[HOT] ena1337
@ #14 and @admin?

So is it allowed to insult people here in public on official Nwc3l Match page or did I get it wrong?

@ #13 : I fully agree with you ag3nt. What you are saying is just logical. Yes, no-thx received several bans on W3ARENA to make sure he cannot join anymore.
#12 Yeah, beeing a fucker is really respectful. Get a brain please.
[SQK] ag3nt
>At second he make only organizing function not playing.

In real sports if someone is caught using hacks (≈doping), he can't coach, can't be manager of the team and anything related, otherwise all his athletes would be banned (WADA rule 2.10 "Prohibited Association").

And hacking in real sports is just LOL, its not really a hacking compared to hacking in warcraft.

So hacks are officially OK, because everyone is using them?

Did you reban him?
[HOT] ena1337
@ #10:

Well but I am not a maphacker, just a troll. That's a huge difference.
So I prefer you to shut up
Not only No-Thx use hacks on w3a, but of course he didn't have w3a admins patronage like someone, so all ok.
@ena you have been banned from w3a too then you just should shut up.
[HOT] ena1337
OA is w3a staff.
Here another evidence that no-thx is permabanned from W3ARENA for maphacking by w3a admin dieseldog:

[OwNu] OA
@#6 i can confirm that no-thx is not UNBANNED from w3a, he was caught maphacking an has been ban evading.
[HOT] ena1337
@ #6: I am very sure that no-thx is not unbanned from w3a.

K, then let the maphacker organize I guess.
#5 Kind regards, but not you dicide who play on NWC3L or not. At first as i know ban of No-Thx is over. At second he make only organizing function not playing.
[HOT] ena1337
@#2 [geST]No-thx


let's be realistic. Will you even be able to play that clanwar if you are banned from w3a for maphacking? Despite the fact that maphacking and/or teamspeak abuse is punished in NWC3L, too...

Kind regards

no-thx = banned for mh on arena lol
[HOT] ena1337
[geST] No-thx
Im manager, im answere you later
[HOT] ena1337

who will manage cw for gest?

can we play punctually on sunday 17.00 CEST?

do you allow replacements if our seeded players are not online but other not seeded players are ?

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