Final: Soviet War Elites [SWE] vs Firestalker [Fs]

18.03.2018 17:00 CET
SOLO 1: Ashenvale Dispute
NWC3L version (for load use - !load AD):
- Agrability of creeps on both Goblins Observatory changed from Normal (500) to Camp (200).
- Improved Gold Mines locations.
- Starting mana of Forest Troll on Goblins Merchants now is 0.
Version 1.2:
- Added minor green points with Forest Trolls (drop: Broth of rejuvenation).
- Added new devices drop on Gold Mines (red points).
- The Lion Horn of Stormwind now adds 1.5 armor instead 1.
SOLO 2: Turtle Rock
SOLO 3: Echo Isles
SOLO 4: Terenas Stand
2 ON 2: Twisted Meadows

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NWC3L Version:
- Move speed of Ancient Red Dragon reduced from 300 to 200 for inability to use "Red Dragon bug".

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[HOT] ena1337
[SWE] ThorZaIN
I'll have whatever Fs is having.
[SWE] Skutt
We are so hyped, FS is looking super strong this season! Best of luck!
[LS2] MartialSpirit
All the best, guys. Already super excited and looking forward to this clan war. Have fun!
[SWE] Endarspire

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