NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Season 11 Summary


• Division 1:

  1.  Wolves eSports [WLVS]
  2.  Soviet War Elites [SWE]
  3.  Wolves eSports II [WLV2]

TOP 1   Sonik - 1on1

TOP 1   Flopoks &   MezzoMix - 2on2

Well this is quite a long season (3 months) is over! And it was 50/50 for my opinion - it was weird group stage - hello leavers and it was magnificent Play-off, thanks to all stable teams!!! And yeah!!! After 2 and a half years we have a 2nd win at row from one team! This team how you already know iiiiis  Wolves eSports !!! Our congratulations with this great result!!! Very stable and the runner-up -  Soviet War Elites [SWE] nice performance with came back from loser bracket and make revenge in 1st match - very close again, but a little bit is not enough.

• Division 2:

  1.  France [FRA]
  2.  France B [FraB]
  3.  Latin America Gamers [LaG]

TOP 1   SyDe - 1on1

TOP 1   SePhI &   WhyDK - 2on2

Division 2 was pretty intrigue too, but it was crashed in the end and we get strong French dominate in this race, only Latin Americans try to catch them but alas vain! Congratulations to team France with strong win!

Gratitudes to all participants of the league - players, managers, casters, admins, fans and etc! Also special thanks to  B2W.Neo for great cast a "grand" final! xD It was AMAZING!

What touch Season 12 it will announced later with some reforming, now on target NWL's battle! Stay tuned bros!


[pG] pG.Okkul
Congratulations to both Wolves teams!
Flopoks and Mezzo the best 2v2


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