1/16 W: VOGO eSPORT [VOGO] vs Hot Emo 1337 [HEmo]

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[HEmo] Masha
Poor EnTe :'(
[HEmo] ena1337
thanks for confirming, I agree.
well played vogo, good luck in losers bracket.

defwin.ena 2 - 0 late.krav

[VOGO] eMove
Krav vs Ena : Defwin take by Ena because krav was come 16 min after meet, so one minute after 15 min permit by rules. GG guys for this CW, GL in loser bracket.
[VOGO] eMove
request accepted :)
[HEmo] Masha
I've sent request on discord, nickname Qeenon#3952
[VOGO] eMove
Hello guys, it is possible to know when you wish to play this CW or if you prefer schedule it at default time on sunday 22/12 at 17:00 ?
I saw only one discord for your admin team but i don't find him on discord, i don't know why ...(Маша#3952)
Thanks to comeback here or to add me to schedule this one : eMove#4755


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