1/8 W: SQUELCH KOMMANDO [SQK] vs Bremen eSports Team BMz [BMz]

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[EYG] DennisG
[HEmo] reyenir
[EYG] DennisG
Okay than lets start with 3vs3.
Clan BMz is fine to meet? ✌
[HEmo] reyenir
i thought about it long and hard it's gonna save me a lot of nerves to play 3v3 first match.

so we play 3s first. u agreed to change time. gl hf
[HEmo] reyenir
SQK is ready to play 3v3 at 16-17 CET. You're not ready.
2v2 is gonna be postponed.
[EYG] DennisG
- 1vs1 16CET
- 3vs3 20CET
(SQK got problems with Time at the 3vs3 /BMz would agree play 20CET!)
- 2vs2 No Time yet
(SQK will maybe not able to play the 2vs2)
[EYG] DennisG
reyenir wanna change discord?
[HEmo] reyenir
agreed -)
[EYG] DennisG
We can do that, but let´s give eachother time than if players coming later.
So start 16Cet and give eachother time to 17-18 Cet or?

Guess best way to go :)

Mary Christmas boys!
[HEmo] reyenir
actually... what do u think about 16Cet?
[HEmo] reyenir
seems like it
[EYG] DennisG
Yo are you guys fine with sunday 17Cet?


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