1/2: Run Bi7ch Run [rbr] vs PERU TEAM LEAGUE [PERU]

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[BG] rbr.Shorty
Gratz to team rbr with going final and thx PERU for gg's!
Done, enter results, add reps ;P
[BG] rbr.Shorty
As Nerzhul said, we already played some of the games, and due to availability issues we needed to change the slots of a lot of the players. Here are the results up to now:

AshenvaleDispute: GodFather vs Jatelyn 2:0
TerenasStand: Shorty vs RamRom 0:2
TurtleRock: Moon vs Nerzhul 2:0
CrystalKingdom: Sw1tch vs Walter 1:2
RollingHills: Moon+Shorty vs RamRom+Jatelyn (to be played)
[RaG] Nerzhul
i made a mistake with line up.
nerzhul vs moon TR 0-2
Walter vs sw1tch CK 2-1
Rarmom vs shorty TS 2-0
Jatelyn vs godfather AD
No response from PERU, so match get default time.
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Amigos, que pasa! Let's play this match a little bit earlier on Saturday?

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rbr [12:3] PERU 13.02.2016 - 19:15


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