Week 5: Soviet War Elites [SWE] vs Legendary Gamerz [LG]

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[WLV2] MartialSpirit
Strong performance by Boka and LoLas, good to see these guys in shape. Well played by both, nice clan war.
[SWE] Endarspire
[SWE] Skutt
[SWE] Skutt
We are ready
[SWE] ThorZaIN
Storm, earth and fire, heed my call
[Fs] Drunkenwanken
Looking forward to this aswell. 17:00Cet is fine for all submatches?
[SWE] Endarspire
omg I feel so much hype for this cw! Even more than when the beat drops in a dope dubstep song.


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SWE [8:2] LG 22.10.2017 - 17:00

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