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Season 5 - Week 5
Team 1 Team 2 Match link
ViKi RAGE 28.08 17:00 CEST
tS MKG 28.08 17:00 CEST
OwNu PERU 28.08 17:00 CEST
Fs rbr 28.08 17:00 CEST
FRA SQK 28.08 17:00 CEST
Dx uMaD 13:2

Past week was very quick, almost all matches with just 1 PP, so please dont forget upload replays for no penalty. Thanks for interesnting matches and interesting new\old persons in there! Against rankings mostly so close and unpredictable, but of course you can try prognosis for your top 8! Also we will prepare a little surprise for the end of season, just be patient you know all in time. Gl hf in next week!

21.08.2016 - 21:43 CEST

SV Manu [0:2] Arma
MV SV Snagz [2:1] cheeron
AI Weena [0:2] Havoline
AD LR Rob [2:1] CaspeR
PG Drunkenwanken
[PP] Havoline

UPDATE: for managers - now in "Team Center" you can find all postponed games. Also added summary statistics for all seasons.

Season 5 - Week 4
Team 1 Team 2 Match link
FRA Fs 1:14
ViKi OwNu 5:7
tS RAGE 4:8
Dx rbr 6:6
PERU uMaD 2:10

Good evening there! Not all matches from week 3 finished, but we already can resume some results at this moment. Of course wanna pick out right away two teams which have most succesful result right now - its our Syrian brothers and a bit surprisable  OwNu who has very strenght line ups in first matches and as result 1st place by lost points.  SQK also looks good and very assembled but looks like get more powerful resistance from their opponents. And it's a pity that this team play between each other, just at last play week! Between big thanks to  SQK team for casting their matches and refill our video gallery, of course any team can do this, just provide your records preferably from youtube!

Next group of teams looks more smoothly and it's almost in one range from each other, it seems some one decide hide in the depths for the next rising in rank, well let's see. Hard to say something right now about middle ranking all will deciding in matches inside this group and how this teams prove themself in matches with favorites!

In bottom of table sensation team  FRA very bad start for double champion, but this season long and who knows what can happen in the end ^^ Teams  MaD and  PERU has hard start and still try to find good condition and players shapes, lets hope they can do it and please us by good result!

Also want show the some players results for this 3 week, as you can see TOP 1 take ahead guys from first 2 teams^^

Place Player Points Matches MW ML Team
1   TGW 8 3 6 1  SQK
1   Vut923 8 3 6 1  SQK
1   Touch 8 3 6 1  OwNu
1   JokeRn. 8 3 6 1  OwNu
1   Spiral 8 3 6 1  MKG
1   rbr.LeX 8 3 6 1  rbr

And just 1 at pare for 2s TOP:

Place Player Points Matches MW ML Team
8 3 6 1  ViKi

Btw now function to adding e-mail of your player is back for he can login, enjoy.

Wish all teams interesting and colorful matches on next week!

14.08.2016 - 22:07 CEST

Season 5 - Week 3
Team 1 Team 2 Match link
FRA rbr 5:7
Fs uMaD 8:7
OwNu RAGE 4:2
ViKi MKG 5:10
Dx PERU 7:5
SQK tS 12:3

08.08.2016 - 23:38 CEST

RV TS LR PassioNelf [1:2] TGW
FC MV LR Jehu [1:2] DV
TS MV AI GueSs [1:2] Vut923
RS LR EI remodemo [1:2] Raven T_T
[1:2] DV

Play week 1 is finished and good to see much "close" interesting matches, also little number of PPed series and of course manner act for no defs! Disassemble the standings is too early, so let's concentrate for some other things. After the open poll about w3arena 2on2 maps (drop player who lost all buildings), most of voters for fix this, so all 2on2 maps refreshed for no w3arena_v3 versions. Then want to remember that in Season 5 - 2 vetoes only for play-off and qualifier, in group stage it only 1 veto. Also if you change player and opposite team agree this, not necessary to use "Wild Card", safe it for critical moment ^^ So, hope week 2 gave us the same perfect and exciting matches, does not disappoint ;)

Season 5 - Week 2
Team 1 Team 2 Match link
tS PERU 13:2
MKG rbr 9:6
Fs SQK 5:10
OwNu uMaD 12:3
ViKi Dx 7:8

31.07.2016 - 22:52 CEST

Season 5 - Week 1
Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Fs MKG 9:6
Dx tS 8:7
OwNu rbr 13:2
ViKi FRA 10:5
SQK uMaD 10:5

UPDATE: added new maps - RiverBand and AbandonedFortress, for new orgas added hostbot access of IHArena_FRA1 and IHArena_USe1 + hostbot instructions if need. 

Hello and welcome to Season 5! Qualification is ended and we movie our congratulations to next teams:

 History of RAGE [RAGE]

 uMaD Gaming [uMaD]

 Team ViKiNGS [ViKi]

 MuhliKuhGang [MKG]

Also big thanks to  MaD2 GC and  pG for participate, hope next time you can take this barrier!

I will not post full list of participants here, all of them you can see in right block. Just say that now all ready for actually "Big Season" this time (11 matches distance) and you can see first play week here:

Distribution of places:

Places from 1 to 8 - play-off + slot for the next season.

Place 9 - slot for the next season.

Places from 10 to 12 - eliminate.

24.07.2016 - 22:08 CEST

Two weeks of waiting are gone and we gald to start Season 5 qualification. In this time we get 8 teams for this fast tourney. Fast because it will only one shout out round. Good to see new interesting teams in this action, hope they can show all their powers and strength also greetings for some old mastadonts who don't afraid revive old ; ) What touch play-off grid - in first time it was blind lot, which you can watch on-line, record of this "show" you can find here. Not forget start at sunday 17-00 CEST. And in last want wish to all teams good luck in this short but hard way! Fight!

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23.07.2016 - 21:54 CEST

Hello and welcome into Season 5 of New WarCraft 3 League! As seems our summer pause was not so long and we are ready for new call in team scene! In this season we have some revolution changes for made league more interesting and enjoyable. At first it's no more free enter in any season, but for teams which participate more than 1 seasons and active now we make exception, for other teams it will be qualification. In second no more free adding of players, from now for join team player must register and send request to join team. In third now it's fix number of team in season - 12 - and most of this 12 will be invited. Also if we will have much teams registred on qulify we consider the 2nd Division option, but will see, everything will depend on your activity. And of course you need study new rules which have some differences with past, and for our opinion enough better. So enough words go to the deals and first announce it's teams which invited in Season 5 without qualify:

 Digital Xtreme [Dx]

 Firestalker [Fs]

 France [FRA]

 OwNu RenTner [OwNu]


 Run Bi7ch Run [rbr]


 Team Sunrise [tS]

But a little condition - managers of this teams must confirm that their participation for sure.

What touch about last 4 teams (or may be more) it will decide in open qualification to Season 5, any team can add her application, wait than your team will show here, retrieve password, log in and push "Join" in right block! Of course if you already have a team, just log in and push "Join". Registration will open from 08.07.2016 to 23.07.2016 23-00 CEST. Wish gl to qualify teams, also if you have any question or suggestion you can put it in comments! Cya!

07.07.2016 - 21:10 CEST


  1.  France [FRA] - 150$
  2.  SQUELCH and KO. [SQK] - 50$
  3.  History of RAGE [RAGE] |  W3DK [W3DK]

TOP 1   Anima - 1on1

TOP 1   SaturN &   YoM - 2on2

TOP 1  SaTan - orga

Big congratulations to team  France with victory in Season 4! Which becomes the second in a row, by the way French team becomes the owner of a new record - sensation 10 wins at row (all matches in season), pervious record was 7 wins at row from  God Bless Pirates [GBP] at season 1. So very good work, nice games, strong organization and of course skilled players from team  FRA you are really was the best at this season congratz again and take a bank! ;) Also big thanks to team  SQUELCH and KO. for absolutly surprise result and amazing games in final! It was close! WP!

And of course we want to thank all of those who participated in this season! Yes was the problems, not all was ideal, but we will try to make it better and better for you! Now League take summer pause, keep for updates!
Gl hf! cya!

12.06.2016 - 22:59 CEST

SV LR Lawliet [2:0] Shadai
TR SD SyDe [0:2] ag3nt
GW NI FC insuperable [1:2] Vut923
DR FC Anima [2:0] DV
[1:0] DV
Raven T_T

Hello and welcome everyone wc3 likers ;P We glad to represent to you NWC3L Season 4 Final Match! In spite of many discontent and embarrassments it was not bad season with some pleasant surprises. And one of them against in final ^^ Of course i mean  SQUELCH and KO. [SQK] team, not many people who can say before start "Yes this guys going final ez". But in other corner they are waiting for final test - team which can install first record, because this team already celebrating victory in past season and now they configured not bit seriously - greet  France [FRA]. I would not want to make any predictions it's final and can happen anything. Just want to wish good luck and good games for our best teams! More details into news.

11.06.2016 - 12:36 CEST

UPDATE: Congratulations to team  FRA with joining final! GG WP  W3DK!

CK FC LR insuperable [2:1] Rosenkill
NI SyDe [0:0] Ciara
MV AS Anima [2:0] ThomasG
TM LR SaturN [0:2] Serups
LT GS SaturN
[2:0] Rosenkill

05.06.2016 - 15:12 CEST
1 Dx 42
2 SQK 41
3 Fs 36
4 OwNu 33
5 tS 27
6 uMaD 27
7 ViKi 27
8 RAGE 23
9 MKG 22
10 rbr 21
11 FRA 14
12 PERU 9

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