NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Yes, it start again guys - Season 6 - all ready to beginning and gift us new competition challenges! Of course at first you ask "Wtf? where quali? which number of teams bro?", so don't keep you waiting and answer right here, right now. Consequently in Season 6 we have best qualification ever! Where for qualifier you need just push one button and you already in season!!! But jokes aside, situation emerge in this case, so anyway we has 12 teams for season as planned! In this connect offer please welcome some new and not participants:

Peru LATIN AMERICA IS BACK !!! - our old friends, who don't need introduction! Bienvenido!
Europe uMaD2 Gaming - one MaD team more! Greetings!
Belarus P r o - G a m i n g - one Belarus team more!) or Season 5 no lucky qualifier here! Salute!
Serbia Real Life Buddies - aaaand! Let's get ready to ruuuuuumbleeee! Season 2 silver medalist and Top 1 of regulars season! Welcome back real life buddies!

Some words about upcoming season. Based on the experience of last season wanna mark and remember some main chips for no confuse or misunderstanding later! At first, top rank for play-off, hope it enough clarity shown here. At second, because opinions about default time differed we freeze it, so as always Sunday 17:00 CET wait you or schedule better for other time, you have whole week! Also one of play weeks falls to new year, so obviously we miss it ^^ thus more time for finish postponed. At third, hope for all teams in this season, will not surprise that for play play-off matches - player must have 3 complete matches in regular season in backup! At fourth, your prays about maps and map pool heared and in this season we will have more default maps, and just to try integrate Fertile Creek :) At fifth, added one more Host Bot (special thanks to ViKi team!) IHArena_FRA2 and new more simple commands for hosting, now for upload any map you need just enter shorty name - for example !load tm - same with IHArena_FRA1, enjoy! At sixth, you are all welcome to fun cup with random heroes at this wednesday 18:00 CET.

So enough words! Let's do it! Here we represent first play week! Good luck, have fun and good games to all!

Season 6 - Week 1
LaB 11.12 17:00 CET OwNu
ViKi 11.12 17:00 CET uMaD
RLB 11.12 17:00 CET LG
rbr 11.12 17:00 CET SQK
Fs 11.12 17:00 CET MaD2
pG 11.12 17:00 CET Dx

04.12.2016 - 13:57 CET

Hello again and we glad to open new Season with already number 6! And of course how you know - first step here will be Qualification! So if you has wc3 band which hungry to victories welcome! Bottom you can find instruction for new participants and list of teams who already get the right to participate after past season.

Remember that start of qualification is immediately at 04.12.2016 - 17:00 CET so be ready please and don't shock in fact ;) *

If you new and want participate, you need do the next:

  1. Register
  2. Create team
  3. Then your players must register and send request (button in team profile) to join your team.
  4. When you accept 4 players in roster, you can enter in qualification at right block - button "JOIN".
  5. And also not forget acquaint with rules of competition.

In Season 6 you can meet the next squads:
Digital Xtreme [Dx]
uMaD Gaming [uMaD]
Team ViKiNGS [ViKi]
Firestalker [Fs]
OwNu RenTner [OwNu]
Run Bi7ch Run [rbr]
Legendary Gamerz [LG]

20.11.2016 - 18:05 CET

Hey there! Well-known for us by last season Team ViKiNGS organaize unusual 4v4 cup for all wc3 community with $505 prize, already in next saturday! All are welcome! And for participate you need just repost in this topic with next positions:
1) Your team name
2) Your 4 players in the team (W3Arena Accounts)
3) Your team captain

Also you can register like a solo player and get random team, after cup starts. Be attantion guys sign up ends at 2nd December. GL HF Cya!

Useful links:
Full info

26.11.2016 - 12:35 CET


  1. sheik - 50$
  2. Shadai
  3. JokeRn.

First NWC3L solo tournament is finally ended, so it's good time make our gratters for best players and summarize some results!
Of course previously our big congratulations to first time winner - sheik, good job! Well done, keep it up! Cost to mark that iiiaker coming out from loser bracket and he must win double BO3 series with exception to
Shadai who need to do it just ones, but youngest undead was in bestest shape and conditions ^^ this day and looks almost unstoppable. So anytime gratz you deserved it!
Also said, that organization was not the best part of this tour and much problems with players can\can not to play aspect plus again 3 weeks for tournament like this may be too much, but anyway we draw conclusions and try to do the best in next time! Hope that players not so big disappointed on any reason by this tour, its just beginning ;) so want to thank all participants and especially, the next ones:

Drunkenwanken - for helping with organization and morality support ;)

Masaa - for good broadcasting and patient! ;)

27.11.2016 - 14:53 CET

UPDATE: Super Final set to this Sunday 12:00 CET! Stay tuned! ;)
Undead Rise continues, now on NWC3L Series!


undead 0:4 undead
        Shadai                 sheik



Yes it is guys! Ton years, months and days of work and we ready! Ready to extend the borders and make next step into unknown space. As you know - half anniversary is a specified time for any corporation, especially for such global like NWC3L! :D So we announce a solo tournament for most successful players in our league! All inside...


01.11.2016 - 08:26 CET

Off-season good time to rethink opinion about some things, add something not ordinary or new and also time to outspeak your ideas, offers or wishes, so here i wanna start (as it is now fashionable to talk) discussion MegaThread about Season 6. In comments to this news you can state all your offers and suggestions, especially i personally want here your opinion about next components and moments:
1. Default time of the match - what teams orgas think about - Saturday 17/18:00 CET - for no cross with wc3cl, gera cup (mb something else?).
2. Map pool - the most imp...

06.11.2016 - 16:22 CET


  1.  Digital Xtreme [Dx] - 100$
  3. uMaD Gaming [uMaD]

TOP 1   sheik - 1on1

TOP 1   FOALS &   KODOS - 2on2

TOP 1  maktim - orga

Here end the half-anniversary Season 5 ^^ And our congratulations direct to incredible in this season team
 Digital Xtreme [Dx] with their first victory in NWC3L series! In close and deserving final this guys can give back all skills, all powers, all luck and by that repeat record of team  France with 10 wins at row (but with more number of matches condition). Of course this season was not so bright without double finalists from
 SQUELCH KOMMANDO who again and again can't take this last wall, well thanks for great games and don't despair - god love trinity ^^ In third place as i already said - opening of season -  uMaD Gaming, this guys earned this place and may be more by their attitude to deal! Complete is always insane, but nothing really doesn't end!

In the end of course wanna make big gratitude and salute for all participants and especially to orgas who made team scene still alive! You are the best!

Nothing is forgotten?? Ouch, yes! We will announce the "promising surprise" in the near days, stay tuned my little pumpies!!! Cya!!!

31.10.2016 - 14:24 CET

 NWC3L Season 5 Final 

MV LR AZ sheik [2:1] TGW
NI AI biko [2:0] Raven T_T
FC AZ rvs [0:2] Shadai
EI MV TS Nick [2:1] ag3nt
TR DT Nick
[1:1] Shadai

That time has come to make final point, after long long weeks way, started at last day of july. We finally know two best teams, but all need just one bestest! And possible this is a bit justice that top 1 and top 2 of group stage meet here... or not - you decide, anyway noone can't stop them in this insane way. Don't wanna say trivially words, but i can't because it's true for my opinion - it must be very unpredictable and interesting final with end which noone "Vanga", it can be how a fast line, but I bow to large opposition until the last point, like it was in regular season. So against let's no prognozies, just wish to teams give us beautiful and bright match worthy of Final!!!

Match for 3rd place 

MV Bizzare [TechLose Team 2] SweeT
NI Curiocity. [TechLose Team 2] SweeT
FC wemadeFOXShaper [TechLose Team 2] SweeT
EI FuNPlayeR [0:0] SweeT
TR Curiocity.
[0:0] SweeT

Ps. continued inside...

25.10.2016 - 09:14 CEST

SV PriesT [0:1] ag3nt
TS TR zTsoso [0:2] TGW
AI TM kimsense [0:2] Shadai
TR arwen [0:0] Raven T_T
BB kimsense
[0:1] Shadai
SV EI Nick [2:0] KoTe
TS AZ MV rvs [2:1] Bizzare
AI AZ sheik [2:0] Curiocity.
TR biko [0:0] FuNPlayeR
BB Nick
[0:0] Curiocity.

Quarterfinals are gone and we already in one step before main match of hole season, but let's stop and look what happen in 1/4.

And number one thing for my opinion - it's incredible  uMaD in semifinal, cause noone expect from them so high position and especially beating bulgarian squad, who closes the standings, but has more strong players on the paper. Critical moment for  rbr happen already in 1st series - where ru elf Curiocity. can cope with
  LeX - 2 : 0  and it's in many ways set the tone of this match. As result it's draw in series, but mad guys can realise his loses better, win by one map - lt orc Bizzare and ru undead KoTe make enough advantege for their team! Anyway congratulations for  uMaD and thanks  rbr for fight for end and good games!

Number two on list, but not on the meaning it's most TOP battle in this quarter and you know which guys i mean ^^ Fate will decide that  Top 2 and Top 4 teams meet already here ;) And need say that teams meet expectations and show us really nice and exciting fight! By the side very insane descript what happen in this 5 series, but first what you notice it's fr elf CorNoX defeated by ly undead Raven T_T 0 : 2 which very help to  SQK in future to not lost it as fast as possible, cause most part of the match they was underdogs ^^ In fact with score 7 : 5 for Firestalkers all decide in match between tk random TGW and de orc Jehu for who was enough take just one "little" point, but this not happen and  Fs who wining 3 series versus 2 again very offensive eliminate in quarterfinal like in past seasons. So as result we has  SQK finalist of Season 4 at semifinal, but both team merit be there! Congrtz to  SQK  and thank  Fs for amazing match and season!

In third it's battle of two tirans :D Who force their players to play for teams not under they own flag! Ofcourse it's just a joke ;) And in upper quarter we has interesting enough match between  Dx and  OwNu respectively. Last time on my memory this collectives meeting very often, rather (it meet of teams who not miss any single season)! And before this match score was not in favor of digital team - 3 : 2 for ownu. But in this time  Dx  can take all powers in one strike and not without problems can break resistance of amrican team. And as in "TOP match" all here decided in last series (with score 6 : 6). Fate of the match had to decide again in personal meeting by   sheik and   JokeRn. - Top 2 and Top 3 rank in solo statistic, where young russian undead can make confidently win and stay close to Top 2 in ranks ^^. Gratters to  Dx gratitude to  OwNu for good season!

And most strange match of 1/4 it's  ViKi vs.  MKG. As i can judge german team finally can't take all their powers for deciding match and lose it fast with also one technical lose. Just distinguish here landslide win of
dk human zTsoso in series with de undead ToX who no lose in this season before! and still stay on 1st place in solo rank. Summary - welcome to semifinal for  ViKi  and thanks  MKG for playing.

In the end post the semifinal matches and wish all teams good luck and good games in semifinals!

Season 5 - 1/2
8 : 1
0 : 8

Ps for guys who can't read: you can't prepone or postpone, but you can set new date\time if both team agreed!

17.10.2016 - 14:15 CEST

  • 1/4
  • 1/2
  • Final
  • Winner
  • Match For 3rd Place

11.10.2016 - 19:20 CEST

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