NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

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Short Name Name Type DL
NWC3L version (for load use - !load AF):
- Goblins Observatory a bit reinforced to orange point.
- Goblins Merchants moved close to respawn positions.
- Instead Tavern in mid now Fountain of Life and creeps.
- Added two Portals for jump over creeps on Fountain of Life.
- Taverns added to north and south positions near players respawns.
- Market places has now invisible Earth Barriers for no randomly agr of creeps and frontal moved to players respawns side.
- The Lion Horn of Stormwind now adds 1.5 armor instead 1.
- Minor changes of creeps and drops.
Version 1.4:
- Creeps on fountain of life now has agrability - 200 (normal) instead 500 (camp).
Abandoned Fortress Only 1on1 Download
Alley Way Only 1on1 Download
Amazonia Only 1on1 Download
Amazonia Only 1on1 Download
Ancient Isles Only 1on1 Download
NWC3L version (for load use - !load AS):
- Aligned relief of map.
- Fountains of Mana replaced by Mercenary Camp (Lorderon Summer), changed creeps.
- Instead Mercenary Camp (Town) added Market Place.
- Quantity of gold in both Gold Mines increased from 12500 to 15000.
- Added minor green points for both sides of map.
Version 1.3:
- Creeps on Goblins Merchants reinforced (now orange point).
Ancient Springs Only 1on1 Download
NWC3L version (for load use - !load AD):
- Agrability of creeps on both Goblins Observatory changed from Normal (500) to Camp (200).
- Improved Gold Mines locations.
- Starting mana of Forest Troll on Goblins Merchants now is 0.
Version 1.2:
- Added minor green points with Forest Trolls (drop: Broth of rejuvenation).
- Added new devices drop on Gold Mines (red points).
- The Lion Horn of Stormwind now adds 1.5 armor instead 1.
Ashenvale Dispute Only 1on1 Download
Avalanche Only 2on2 Download
Avalanche 1.1 Only 2on2 Download
Avalanche RH Only 2on2 Download
Basalt Basin Only 2on2 Download
Basalt Basin RH Only 2on2 Download
Bridge Too Near Only 2on2 Download
Bridge Too Near RH Only 2on2 Download
Centaur Grove Only 2on2 Download
For load use - !load CH
Concealed Hill Only 1on1 Download
Crystal Kingdom Only 1on1 Download
Dalaran - NetEasy version.
Dalaran Only 1on1 Download
Death Road Only 1on1 Download
Death Trap 1on1 and 2on2 Download
Death Trap RH Only 2on2 Download
Deserted Isles Only 1on1 Download
NWC3L version (for load use - !load DB or !load DireBrook):
- Goblins Observatory creeps switched, now creeps from observatory moved to corner and composite own red point.
- Goblins Merchants - balanced - added own for ever side.
- Added green point in left transition with rarity device drop.
Version 1.2:
- Route near Goblins Observatory improved for no agroability from creeps.
- Device drop from middle green point reinforced.
Dire Brook Only 1on1 Download
Echo Isles Only 1on1 Download
Echo Isles RH Only 1on1 Download
Emerald Nightmare Only 1on1 Download
NWC3L version (for load use - !load FC):
- Agrability of creeps on both Gold Mines changed from Camp (200) to Normal (500).
- Gold Mines creeps reinforced.
- Quantity of gold in both Gold Mines increased from 12500 to 20000.
- Goblins Merchants moved frontal to respawns of players.
- Creeps on Goblins Observatory and drops changed.
- Creeps near Gold Mines changed (Rock Golem 100% drops Invisible guard).
- Drops from red points reinforced.
- For both respawns added high ground plato.
- Little fixes and improvements.
Fertile Creek Only 1on1 Download
Fertile Creek RH Only 1on1 Download
For load use - !load FR
Fields of Ruin Only 1on1 Download
NWC3L version (for load use - !load FM):
- Redesigned relief of the map.
- Weakened creeps on Fountains of Life.
- The Lion Horn of Stormwind now adds 1.5 armor instead 1.
- Reworked mid of the map.
Furbolg Mountain Only 2on2 Download
Gnoll Wood 1on1 and 2on2 Download
Gnoll Wood RH 1on1 and 2on2 Download
Goldshire Only 2on2 Download
Goldshire RH Only 2on2 Download
NWC3L version (for load use - !load GRW):
- Fixed Centaur agro bug on upper Gold Mine.
- Agrability of creeps on all Gold Mines changed from Normal (500) to Camp (200).
- Starting mana of all creeps now is 0.
- Added two green points near Portals.
Great Wall Only 1on1 Download
Green Canal Only 1on1 Download
Guldans Legacy Only 2on2 Download
Harvest Of Sorrow RH Only 2on2 Download
Hellfire RH Only 2on2 Download
NWC3L version (for load use - !load HP):
- Reworked respawns and near creeps.
- Reworked creeps on Mercenary Camp.
- Goblin Merchant moved frontly to Gold Mines.
- In upper and bottom Gold Mines, gold quantity increased to 13,500.
Hushed Paradise Only 1on1 Download
Ice Forge RH 1on1 and 2on2 Download
Irresistible Mind Only 1on1 Download
Korea RH Only 1on1 Download
Land Divided Only 1on1 Download
Last Refuge Only 1on1 Download
Lost Temple 1on1 and 2on2 Download
For load use - !load LTP
Lost Temple PRIME Only 2on2 Download
Lost Temple RH 1on1 and 2on2 Download
Maelstrom Only 2on2 Download
Maelstrom RH Only 2on2 Download
Melting Valley Only 1on1 Download
Melting Valley RH Only 1on1 Download
For load use - !load ML
Misleading Only 1on1 Download
Nomad Isles Only 1on1 Download
For load use - !load PC
Paucity Only 1on1 Download
Phantom Grove Only 2on2 Download
Ladder Version (for load use - !load PGLV):
- Changed tileset from Lordaeron Summer to Lodaeron Fall
- Added deep water to certain parts of the map to help define expansion
- Swapped the orange and green expansion creep camps
- Expanded upon the “creepy” creep theme by using creep from a different tilesest to thematically fit point of interest
Phantom Grove LV Only 2on2 Download
Phantom Grove RH Only 2on2 Download
Plunder Isle Only 1on1 Download
Plunder Isle RH Only 1on1 Download
For load use - !load RV
Rift Valley 1on1 and 2on2 Download
NWC3L version (for load use - !load RB):
Version 1.2:
- Turtles (orange point) near respawns moved from deep water to shallow water.
- Goblins Merchants and Observatories minor moved.
- Green points near respawns switched.
- Starting mana of all creeps now is 0.
Version 1.3:
- Creeps on upper right and bottom left Gold Mines reinforced to the red point.
River Bend Only 1on1 Download
For load use - !load RS
Road to Stratholme Only 1on1 Download
Road to Stratholme RH Only 1on1 Download
Rolling Hills Only 2on2 Download
NWC3L version (for load use - !load RR):
- Moved respawns.
- Weakened creeps on Goblin Observatory.
- Reinforced green point creeps near respawns, added drop device.
- Creeps on outsides Gold Mines reinforced.
- Quantity of gold in outsides Gold Mines increased from 12500 to 15000.
Version 1.2:
- Added taverns.
- Little fixes and improvements.
Version 1.3:
- Improved moving near main gold mines (now units follow beside creeps without agring).
- Reworked some creeps and drops on orange and green points.
Ruined Rainbow Only 1on1 Download
Secret Valley Only 1on1 Download
Secret Valley RH Only 1on1 Download
For load use - !load SH
Slaughter Hills Only 1on1 Download
NWC3L version (for load use - !load SD):
- Spiders (green point) in the mid of map moved for no agrobilty to near running units.
Snow Drop Only 1on1 Download
Swamped Temple Only 1on1 Download
Terenas Stand Only 1on1 Download
Ladder Version (for load use - !load TSLV):
- Swapped Start Location with Goblin Laboratory
- Swapped Goblin Laboratory with Mercenary Camp
- Swapped two center green creep camps with orange creep camps
- Changed corner player expansions from green creep camps to orange creep camps
- Moved starting green creep camps further from start location
- Added unpathable terrain to the eastern Mercenary camp, so that both sides of the map have relatively the same amount of unpathable terrain
Terenas Stand LV Only 1on1 Download
Terenas Stand RH Only 1on1 Download
Thawing Snow Only 1on1 Download
The Two Rivers Only 1on1 Download
The Two Rivers RH Only 1on1 Download
For load use - !load TWG
Tidewater Glades Only 2on2 Download
For load use - !load TWGLV
- Rotated 3 neutral buildings (Goblin Laboratory moved to Mercenary Camp; Mercenary camp moved to Goblin Merchant; Goblin Merchant moved to Goblin Laboratory)
- Changed the layout to better define intended Gold Mine expansions
Tidewater Glades LV 1on1 and 2on2 Download
TidewaterGlades RH Only 2on2 Download
For load use - !load TG
Tirisfal Glades Only 1on1 Download
Ladder Version (for load use - !load TGLV):
- Added two Taverns per player side
- Swapped the Mercenary Camp with expansion gold mines
- Opened a path through the middle of the map
- Removed the +1 cliff level for each start location
- Removed the -1 cliff level for the northern Murloc creep camp next the players start location, so that both the north and south camp are similar
Tirisfal Glades LV Only 1on1 Download
Tirisfal Glades RH Only 1on1 Download
Treasure Island Only 1on1 Download
Turtle Rock 1on1 and 2on2 Download
Turtle Rock RH 1on1 and 2on2 Download
NWC3L Version:
- Move speed of Ancient Red Dragon reduced from 300 to 200 for inability to use "Red Dragon bug".
Twisted Meadows 1on1 and 2on2 Download
Twisted Meadows RH 1on1 and 2on2 Download
Uthers Slumber Only 1on1 Download
Wetlands RH 1on1 and 2on2 Download

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