NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Battle for (Azeroth) Play-off

We was already ready to start the play-offs season 12, but this happens and we get one last fight top 4 places! Wonderful  RAGE Esports Academy has managed to battle his elder brother, and also  DuSt Gaming and
 Cascade Esports. Team  RaGa need just one point to step up and win with any score to stay top 3, what a intrigue! So decider for play-off to your attantion bros (time/date of this match still struggling):

CH JohnnyCage [1:0] STLER
NIS JohnnyCage [1:0] crowjam
EI JohnnyCage [0:1] Pain
TSLV Stink3r [0:1] Pain
AZ MisterWinner [1:0] Pain
LR MisterWinner [TechLose Team 2] CoNteMpT


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pG.Okkul match 10.11 - 16:55 CET
DV match 10.11 - 16:55 CET
pG.Okkul match 10.11 - 16:20 CET
DV match 10.11 - 16:16 CET
admin match 03.11 - 20:55 CET