NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

National Warcraft 3 - Final

FC ThorZaIN [1:1] WaN
TGLV LiiLD.C [0:2] EnTe
G1 G2 KnOfF [2:0] JokeRn
G1 G2 KnOfF
[1:1] EnTe
G1 G2 Starshaped [0:2] EnTe


Unbelievable final,  Team Sweden that dominated the whole season finally lost to  Team Germany in the champion match who faced Captain   EnTe against the unpredictable man   Starshaped

It was a complicated league but we we found way to finish it in correct terms.

Thank you for all players, managers who played the league and  kevinschwehm who casted the final!


National Warcraft League results:

  1.  Team Germany  200$
  2.  Team Sweden    100$
  3.  Team France         -


TOP 1 1on1 -    EnTe

TOP 1 2on2 -     DanGer    HunteR    /    ThorZaIN    Starshaped


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