NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

NWL 2018 Postpones

1. Playoff. Rule 2.3. In play-off going top 3 teams. Top 1 team going to final directly. Top 2 compete with Top 3 in semifinal.

      • Semi final: 12/01/2019 - 17:00 CET 

          Team France VS.  Team Germany


Season 2018 - PostPoned Games
Team 1 Score Team 2 Match link Week
0:0 Still
FRA vs. GER Week 5
1:1 rbr.Shorty
FRA vs. BG Week 4
HunteR 1:1 Cash PE vs. RUS Week 4
1:1 Cash
PE vs. RUS Week 4
BenoitD 2:0 Cash FRA vs. RUS Week 3
2:0 Maru
FRA vs. RUS Week 3
EnTe 2:0 Walter GER vs. PE Week 3
Still 1:1 Fenix GER vs. PE Week 3


[RaG] Nerzhul
Waltee was ready to play and he knew the dates. I was working while he had to play his game. Is his mistake or i have to show you the chat?
[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
Team Germany gave you 2-3 times chance to finish this bo3 but you didn't take the opportunity...
You were able to post comment that Walter is able to play but without dates and time it's no sense
if you just posted dates and time I would accept to finish this match. It's your mistake.
[RaG] Nerzhul
its no fair ente beat with no play to walter. walter was online and then he played play off with PG team. and german takes the win?


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