NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

NWL 2018 W2

Incredible, but week one goes nice from all sides. Most surprised was match between  Team Peru and  Team Bulgaria which ended by super result from south-americans and gave them lead into the standings. Also big strike make "Swedish family" which crash  Team France without   ToD and   Anima. And in most tense match of this week  Team Russia can make revenge for own football squad and win against  Team Germany after tie-start! Thanks all teams, their managers and players for perfect organize in every single series, keep it up please!

In big wait of week 2 matches, hope they all will great too!

Season 2018 - Week 2
FRA 8 : 0 PE
RUS 1 : 7 SWE
GER 8 : 0 BG


[LUL] Nerzhul
Peru for The WiN.


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