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S14 Wild Cards

In Season 14 we decide to make 1 Wild Card for every single match, since teams are not willing to use them when their number is limited, mb it helps good plus teams always will have some options if player can't come or something else.

3.13. Wild Card. If for any reason, player of any team can not take part in the match, the team manager can use Wild Card - that is to replace this player to another. Provided the next conditions:
- Replaced player was in the team profile before bigining of the match.
- Does not have a transfer or other ban.
- Did not participate earlier in this match in 1 on 1 series if it's 1 on 1 replacement.
Note: in 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 possible replace one, two or three players, no matter participate they in 1 on 1 series or not.
Number of Wild Cards per season: 1 wild card per match.


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