NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Season 12 Finalle!

UPDATE: Congratulations  PORCHA e-Sports [PRCH] with tense and deserved win in to the final of Season 12!!!

Welcome to grand match of Season 12 New Warcraft 3 League! And first time in history of the league it's debutant versus team who going final 4-th time of twelves! So this time we have in NWC3L Grand Final  PORCHA e-Sports [PRCH] and  SQUELCH KOMMANDO [SQK]!!! Two most succesfull teams at group stage, which already met at final of losers, now decide who the best team of this season. But for  SQK 1 win is not enough, because they come from losers and that's pretty insane task for them! If we look on rosters, we can safely say that  PORCHA most stable team of the league, because their 4 players played from bell to bell all season, and in opposite  SQUELCH has some roster problems, at first they not played, very dangerous enough
  TGW and during play-off lost   ag3nt too, who played whole season and was good support for team. Of course on a paper Porcha looking good, but something tells me that SQK not give up for free, alias will see!

So we glad to represant 12 final of the NWC3L with two most strongest teams of the season: 

EI Bizzare [2:1] eQuAleX
AS AZ NIS Please [1:2] ag3nt
SV JadeDark [0:2] ShaDai
RR sheik [2:0] reyenir
BB Bizzare
[2:1] ShaDai

Ps. Also i must inform you about ours "new project" - War3Lovers.com - our new site for solo tournaments with prizes and show matches with some staff from coumunity!!! Hope you enjoyed of it!!! And tournament moudle of NWC3L will not stand for nothin! Welcome!

Ps.s. And not forget register for Season 13 as well!!!


[RAGa] CieN
GGS, Gratz
Win 1st match and get rest xD
No rest between seasons?
Please give some rest
Psike, napa-kappa!


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