NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Season 12 Summary


  PORCHA e-Sports [PRCH]


  Cascade Esports

  RAGE Esports Academy [RaGa] 

TOP 1   ShaDai - 1on1

TOP 1   Bizzare &   sheik - 2on2

Season 12 is finished and our congratulations moved to  PORCHA e-Sports [PRCH] with their very impressive strike and  victory in debute season! Well done guys, keep it out! It is also worth noting  SQK team which make good motion whole season and was very close to revenge in final and resume the battle, but less 1 point and gg, no re! Anyway good performance again from syrian team! Also nice was  Cascade who stopped in 1 map to final and sensational  RaGa, which we don't wait in play-off, but they do! Summary - not bad season with own intrigue and may be drama, so go next - Season 13 already ready to accept your participation! Stay tuned, be good boys, and gogo NWC3L Season 13!


ggwp PRCH
Thx to admins for smooth season


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