NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Season 14 HARD rules

Hello again! And how we promised - we will post more details of new season here! The first with what like would start - it's one of innovations about participants:

1.2. Participants. Participate in this competition can any team which registered on site and has a minimum of 4 members (include players and managers) in roster.

But how you understand not all so simple and in point 2. Scheduling we made more clear step for not full-pro teams, meet:

2.5. Line up. Every participate team must add line up before match starts. In line up can be no more 2 players from Top 50 of current Elo Ranking.

Yea! We will look how it goes! Attention that keyword - current (ranking changes everyday), for example at first play week match at (08.12.2019)   CoopeR  biko and
  JohnnyCage was in top 50 so just two (2) of them can play on cw! At third play week match at (22.12.2019) situation changed and   CoopeR (current rank 58 btw) down to 51 place = all this three (3) players can play on cw!

Of course, you can argue about the objectivity of the rating, but as a rule in the Top 50, it displays the current balance of forces quite well and takes into account participation in tournaments, qualifiers and weekly cups.

So be attaintion guys and stay tuned we continue case in next week!


[uMaD] DopeY
#2 In final we used 3 players in elo top 50, so it's not same restriction. Or make this rule for solo if you will put 4 solos for example. But for a game like 3x3 it's non sense this rule lol
[W3G] W3L.Psike
Leave napa, omg this rules TT GG WP
#1 uMaD won past season with that restriction, what a problem? U mad?
[uMaD] DopeY
That's why Ronaldo left Madrid, they copied logic WC3 rules
Please @admin contact also Barca, they are playing sometimes with Messi Suarez and Griezmann in same team.


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