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Season 1 endings

So ended the first season Российская Федерация New War Craft 3 League, time to sum up, handing out gingerbread and celebrate the best. As all you know, a well-deserved and quite confidently won Russian team Российская Федерация God Bless Pirates [GBP] with her than we sincerely and heartily congratulate! At the end of the pirates broke the resistance of the European team Европейский Союз Wrath and Madness [WaM], the confrontation was stubborn, but this was clearly not the day of the team WaM. Point his team could only bring Сербия human AtheistP, the results of which recently very impressive [proof]. Taking this opportunity, we interviewed (looking down) him.


1. Российская Федерация God Bless Pirates [GBP] – 100$

2. Европейский Союз Wrath and Madness [WaM]

3. США OwNu so Cabi [OwNu] | Европейский Союз Wrath and Madness team Y [WaMY]

Also, we talked with the manager of team winners Российская Федерация undead Namaste, an interview (coming soon) with him to your attention.

In conclusion I would like to thank all the teams, especially their managers for what took a worthy part in our event. Thank streamers Российская Федерация Morozov and Российская Федерация RandomForFun for active lighting matches and patience! ;)

The news came the comment option, look forward to your comments;) Also, everyone who wishes to participate in the second season we send to the renewed rules as for the start of the second season, it is likely we will declare the registration of next year! Follow the announces, all the success!

Interview with Сербия human AtheistP:

Российская Федерация NWC3L: Hello AtheistP! Please introduce yourself for start!

Сербия human AtheistP: Hello, my name is Pavle Veljkovic I’m 22 years old, from Serbia, my main race is Human :)

Российская Федерация NWC3L: Nice! How long you play at wc3?

Сербия Pavle Veljkovic: I play WC3 7 years but i was playing 2v2 until 2011 when i started to play humans and only solo!

Российская Федерация NWC3L: Can you tell something about your team? (Mb history, some achievements?)How you enter this team?

Сербия Pavle Veljkovic: I’m in Европейский Союз WaM since 2011(if i remember correctly). We were third in
Европейский Союз SAWL - Still Alive Warcraft League, we were part of Германия WC3CL league 3 years in a row and now took second place in my personally favorite league 
Российская Федерация NW3CL. I was in team Европейский Союз RUN until 2011 before team Европейский Союз RUN became inactive so i decided to leave it and i got offer from Европейский Союз WaM chief -  Ado to join clan Европейский Союз WaM.

Российская Федерация NWC3L: Good! How your feelings about playing on NWC3L? What about atmosphere, another teams and players, games?

Сербия Pavle Veljkovic: NWC3L is great league, I’m saying this because it’s well organized, nice admins, always stream and website is really done by some pro web developer. All teams were good, some of them were inactive so they had no time to participate but overall it was pleasure to be part of NWC3L.We had top European players in this league so league was very strong. I think BO3 system is better, in BO1 is luck also, in BO3 is skill.

Российская Федерация NWC3L: Ok we will discuss about it with all managers, so next question i want ask about your personal matches here. Which match remembered more than another?

Сербия Pavle Veljkovic: The matches i mostly remember are vs Болгария undead Lubber and Российская Федерация human Fallen it’s against США OwNu and Российская Федерация RG. I won Болгария undead Lubber - 1-0 it was group stage and won Российская Федерация human Fallen 2-1 it was 1/2.

Российская Федерация NWC3L: hehehe our guy gives you some problems! )))

Сербия Pavle Veljkovic: yes he is good herofocuser! :D

Российская Федерация NWC3L: what about Болгария undead Lubber?

Сербия Pavle Veljkovic: Lubber is old school Bulgarian undead who is very good because he can change his tactic fast for example he can go fiends push on t2 and then at some point if u don’t scout he has expo and t3,which means that u are in trouble… Very smart player!

Российская Федерация NWC3L: Super! And what can you say about final match?

Сербия Pavle Veljkovic: Final match was most interesting match in whole league, think chances were 50-50% before cw. I won Российская Федерация elf rvs- 2-0 but Франция human Zeikoo and Сербия elf Ajk lost their games with 1-2, so only chance was 2v2 with Сербия elf Ajk which we also lost unfortunately, Сербия elf Ajk had bad day(rarely happens) because Сербия elf Ajk is top 3 elf in Europe - that’s my opinion.

Российская Федерация NWC3L: What can you say about сcurrent situation on wc3 scene, has it the future?

Сербия Pavle Veljkovic: The situation is not so good, we have only StriveWire Cup weekly, and we have Goodgame.ru which guys hold from time to time, so WC3 European scene is bleeding and that’s very bad, i hope that new enthusiast like admins of NWC3L (Nick and Paradocs) and StriveWire guys will show up and organize something. But in China scene is still alive.

Российская Федерация NWC3L: Good, i know now you train enough, you beat good players, you in good shape. So if in next year our wait some big tourney like WEC or WCA, will you try qualifying on it and beating some china players?

Сербия Pavle Veljkovic: My dream is to play on Lan event like WEC or WCA and i hope that dream will come true one day, i still have some difficulties in some matchups. I’m getting better from day to day in psychologically way and i hope that i will prove my quality in next qualifications of WEC or WCA!

Российская Федерация NWC3L: Glad to hear it. Some time ago in Serbia was Lan tourney, you played there?

Сербия Pavle Veljkovic: Yes, we organized first lan tournament in Serbia Since 2009! It was nice, all players were good, we meet new friends and it was amazing atmosphere. I took third place i lost to Сербия elf Ajk 2-0 in semi finals and Сербия elf Rudan won Сербия elf Ajk in finals. We plan to do it again in near future.

Российская Федерация NWC3L: Really nice news for wc3 community in Serbia! So thank you for interview Pavle, what can you say for goodbye?

Сербия Pavle Veljkovic: Thanks for organizing league and we hope to see season 2 soon, good luck and have fun in life and wc3! :)


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