NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Series # 3 W5

Round 5









Round 3 Postpone match:




Groupstage. Following a technical error of the site, the rules concerning the penalties points are removed (replays/game accounts/change race).

Playoff. No change. (Replays are not an option: A match won can be confirmed only through the replays).


[WLVS] sheik
@yagami Ok,i can play after two hours on Sunday
[Fs] YaGami
@sheik can we play on Sunday, too? :D I most likely won't have time on Saturday.
@Sonik can we play on Sunday?
[WLVS] Wal3eyyy
Normarly saturday 19/05 but if there is problem with other cups/playoff etc you can change date/time if both players agreed
[Fs] Edo
When will playoffs start ?


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