NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Solo Try!

UPDATE: Full list of players who already in main round you can find here.

UPDATE: Qualifier games starts at Tuesday 04 July - 16-00 CEST - Channel: NWC3L. Detailed info you can find here. Be attantion, do not be able late (waiting time is 15 minutes) and good luck to all!

Hello again! As promised, modest surprises did not pass you by! Now we representing second Series with great support from personal fr SonOfKali and also team  uMaD. Of course in modern times we have enough solo competitions - tournaments, events, show matches and others, and no one solo league, who goes long long days with much interesting games and intrigues, before find Champion! So we will try to add this aspect in scene. If goes some details, then we will start off from number of registred players and look which way it will goes 1 division or may be too. As well rules will be worked out and thought out as comfortable and understandable for participants (in process). What touch another important theme - prizepool, so it will goes next (can be increased from donations):

  1. 100
  2. 50
  3. 25

This post will be updated along the way of new infos. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Are available shorty rules and hostbots application.


yeah when qualifier started at regular work time, 16h CET...lol
More defwins than games. #imbaorganisation
#27 nwc3l is a league played on an european server, what would we care about the asians ? Rofl
[SQK] ag3nt
16:00 CEST is already after working hours for Asia.
So your idea can't help because of different timezones.
But saturday/sunday can help.
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Seems like it would be best if the whole qualification just starts after working hours (after 18:30pm CET). What does imba admin say?
[Dx] Corsair
I will be able only about 18:30 CET. Asking for wait as much as possible, thank you!
Gruss vom boss
Hi sry I forfeit, i will not be there in time.
[oYo] masaa
we preponed our game: ParadoCS 0:2 masaa
if need to upload replays somewhere, just say so.
+1 Ag3nt hu most map dependent race and they give us this 5min gg maps ai,sv,tr and ofc close spawn tm.
Please report the beginning time. I guess many person work and can not be behind their computer at 16 CEST..
#18 You can look there - time is a same - 16-00 CEST its needed for no stoppers into losers grid!
@admin 16 cest for round of 20
what time for round of 16 ?
ohh those pool only for Quali
[SQK] ag3nt
Now player selection makes sense!

But maps are too human unfriendly (as always). May be AI->AZ (like unimplemented idea on gera cup) or SV->AZ (like GSC)?
My proposal is to follow the rules I suggested in the comments #4 and #5.
Following this, everyone will play and the structure will be more logic.
More understanding, more equality, easier to manage,...,.....
[BG] rbr.Shorty
So the questions remaining are:

- Why not all signed up players are in qualifier or invited? How did you decide that exactly 20 players will be admitted to qualifier (why not 16, why not 24, why not 32, why not all)?

- How did you decide which players will play 1 match more in the qualifiers than others?

- Why are there 6 qualifier spots + 9 invited players (a total of 15 players for finals)?

- What were the criteria for inviting players directly (Animka and Mannersonik don't even have teams in the league)?

- At Round 5 of loser bracket there will only be left 6 players, then why do you need to play it (in "shorty rules" it says "in loser's bracket Bo1 until 5 round, further Bo3")? This means that all matches in loser bracket are Bo1?
Added to this, how the fuck is it possible 3 players beeing in the 8 first registred player are not automatically qualified when some guys with no team are qualified. Damn.
16 CEST ? Is that a joke ? What kind of guy is abble to play at this time ?
BsK #1
[SQK] ag3nt
Something I didn't understand:
1) why not every registered player is in qualifier? (46 registered minus 9 without qualifier = 37 should be in qualifier?)
2) 6 qualified + 9 without qualifier = 15, who will be 16th?
[SQK] ag3nt
Easy for Corsair
When does this start any set date?
[WLV2] BrokenHanDs
Already love that public hostbots. Its very comfortable.
Be patient please, not hurry. Btw some tips you can find here - http://wiki.teamliquid.net/warcraft/New_WarCraft_3...
Then the rank 1 and 2 of each group go for next round.

Round 2 : 1 group with all 1st and 2nd.

Then playoff as the standart team season. 1vs8 / ....
Maybe make groups of 8 players.
1st to 8th registred = group 1
9th to 16th registred = group 2
Or take a program to randoml build the groups.
Ag3nt is true, all vs all will take 9037837681 years
[SQK] ag3nt
How many bo3's per week per player are planned?
With so many players & "everybody vs everybody" system that can be very long or very intense.

And why it's called NWC3L series? As I see even players with 0 NWC3L games are signed up. Or may be it's because you are planning to add beloved NWC3L maps to mappool?

Can be interesting and dangerous!
36 players after 1.5 day. What's for a success atm ! Gj and gl hf to all.
[oYo] masaa
cool )

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