Week 4: France B [FraB] vs Team Bulgaria [BG]

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[FraB] NeSH
We'll w8 you clan fra
21.10.2018 - 16:00 CEST for Kevin vs. LeX
[FraB] NeSH
Hey shorty, when can we play last matchs ?!
[FraB] kevinschwehm
hi lex when do u wanna play? i am free - just msg me on bnet or on my twitch . twitch.tv/kevinschwehm :)

gl hf
[FraB] NeSH
Kevin here this weekend
Ok! Get it!
#4 Idk who is needtorelax! :D
[FraB] NeSH
Hey ! i dont want to play Lex :D
[FraB] NeSH
Played :
Zeiko 2-0 godfather CK
Whydk 1-2 switch TM
WhyDK & SephI 2-0 Godfather & Switch

Postponed :
Kira vs shorty GC
Needtorelax vs Lex ST
[FraB] NeSH
Yo, standart time ok for us.

Yeah ... damn it :)
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Hi boyos, do we play standard time?

I can see the random hero idiocy has returned btw :D


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