Week 5: France B [FraB] vs Solo Perfect Gaming [sPG]

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[FraB] kevinschwehm
result is wrong - i won 2:0 vs cuch
Its 20:00 CEST, so you still in game.
[sPG] cuch
sorry I didn't see those post for matches TT
[FraB] NeSH
No psiloveyou in bnet in this time
So do it in match page.
[FraB] NeSH
We'll w8 you clan fra
[FraB] NeSH
So we use wildcard to replace Kira by Sephi
[FraB] NeSH
Kira cant play this weekend
21.10.2018 - 16:00 CEST for KiRa vs. Psiloveyou
21.10.2018 - 20:00 CEST for Kevin vs. Cuch
[FraB] NeSH
Yo can we have a time to play last matches plz ?!
[FRA] SaTan
[FraB] kevinschwehm
hi cuch when do u wanna play? i am free - just msg me on bnet or on my twitch . twitch.tv/kevinschwehm

gl hf
[FraB] NeSH
Kevin op this weekend.
[FraB] PauH
Kira is available wednesday from 6pm cest and thursday from 3cest to 6pm cest, also friday afternoon.
[FraB] PauH
Frab and spg agreed for postpone on DR and GW
[FRA] Hatakas
can u join clan fra at 17:00h mate for the map rotation organisation with your player ? thx again !
[sPG] cuch
hi guys, is default time ok for all the matches?



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