[BMz] JokeRn
@tommy Jokerthirtynine#8378 schreib mir auf discord wann du zeit hast
[BMz] VincentWonder
sadly i cannot edit my comment. TomToast and muffy swapped on mutual consent from both teams to make scheduling easyer. we (BMz) dont want hot to use wildcard for that.
[BMz] VincentWonder
Team HOT used wildcard to reseed Muffy for Tomtoast. BMz won that match. we will try to play TomToast vs JokeRn during the next week is my suggestion
#3 Yes inna1337 its possible - 3 wild cards for group stage!
[HOT] ena1337
#2 heho admen, is it possible to use wildcard in this mode? thx
#1 It okay, only for 1st play week!
[BMz] VincentWonder
we would like to let players with peonban play. ena accepted it and we hope its oaky, since all involved partys are okay with it ;)



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