Week 3: DuSt Gaming [DuSt] vs RAGE Esports Academy [RaGa]

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[DuSt] carsoNNN
Round 2 Ethereal vs hankk was played on EI, and hankk played Random (Elf) the website bugged out apparently, but the replay will confirm. GG'S!
[RaGa] Wackedstrats
You guys wanna do the 27th? since we both have a clan war for w3il at same time?



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VincentWonder match 17.05 - 18:40 CEST
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ena1337 match 14.05 - 12:31 CEST
ena1337 match 12.05 - 18:54 CEST
VincentWonder match 12.05 - 18:52 CEST
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