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[RAGa] CieN
yo thx nick, and ggs !
[uMaD] Nick
I check liquipedia, OK it was in same time. Anyway WGL - tournament of the year.
[RAGa] Wackedstrats
and WGL started during clan war, like what you want us to do say oh no you cant play in WGL because u have nw3cl?
[RAGa] Wackedstrats
the website is glitched...
doesnt allow to summit anything
[LUL] Nerzhul
hunter 4 raga 3
[RAGa] Edge
We have bug to submit match up between Contempt vs Hunter: But for admins: Hunter 1-0 Contempt on Concealed Hill map
[LUL] Nerzhul
we stop cuz hunter is playing wgl
[RAGa] CieN
Hunter won vs crowjam on LR - next is HassanWins vs Hunter on TM
[LUL] Nerzhul
admin need help with next map



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pG.Okkul match 10.11 - 16:55 CET
DV match 10.11 - 16:55 CET
pG.Okkul match 10.11 - 16:20 CET
DV match 10.11 - 16:16 CET
admin match 03.11 - 20:55 CET