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[DuSt] Bidoux

Lineups: DuSt

Lineups cSc:

LongWalk < JohnnyCage - EI
CrunCher > JohnnyCage - AZ
CrunCher > Stink3r - TS
CrunCher > MisterWinner - LR
CrunCher > CaSpEND - TM

DuSt 4-1 cSc
[uMaD] Nick
You can change your line ups, as well.
[FATE] x3-DemoN
Whatever, it's ok to play without forfeits
[FATE] x3-DemoN
Well, if we agree without forfeits, but then they have like 2 free jokers and know our line-up, not so fair
[uMaD] Nick
Team Cascade okay to play normal match without forfeits at Sunday?
[DuSt] Bidoux
pride and deuce confirmed they could play today to get some matches done. Today Pride had something come up making him unavailable and deuce also same situation. For the rescheduled match sunday deuce will not be there and I cannot change my lineup. So I decided to forfeit his map. Ethereal and DanGer will be ready sunday to finish the match
[uMaD] Nick
Why you agreed to start cw today? Because 2 players can't play at Sunday...?
[DuSt] Bidoux
Pride was starter and unable to play within a good amount of time. Deuce will be in WCG sunday and unable to play sunday so we ff his spot now because I am unable to change players
[DuSt] Bidoux
first two maps forfeited from us, game 3 will continue sunday, we will figure out a time and write in here
[uMaD] Nick
Why was need try play it today so? For 2 tech wins?
[FATE] x3-DemoN
no stream sorry, Pride and Deuce can't play today

Pride 0-1 JohnnyCage EI (Techlose)
Deuce 0-1 JohnnyCage TSLV (Techlose)
we can continue play vs Ethereal and DanGer in sunday?
[uMaD] Nick
Any stream?
[FATE] x3-DemoN
ok now fine
[FATE] x3-DemoN
admin, open line-up please, we're rdy now



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