Week 9: RAGE Esports [RaG] vs BaD MonkeyZ @Bremen eSports [BMz]


[BMz] VincentWonder
okay since no one reacts to our contacts we´d like to demand a defwin :(
[BMz] VincentWonder
we are watching the other cw plz whisper when we can start!
[BMz] VincentWonder
meet channel clan bmz
[BMz] VincentWonder
i now seedet players for 17 cet so since we paly against ur second squad the same time i hope you are a little bit acommodating if palyers have to end game in other cw
[BMz] VincentWonder
hello? i also tried to contact nerzhul in discord . i really need to know when we start to be able to seed the right players!°!!!! contact me/ react on discord as fast a s u can i tried to add nerzhul to fl
[BMz] aMMo
or 20CET?
[BMz] aMMo
we would prefer to start a bit later maybe 18 CET?



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