Week 10: Washed Up [wU]] vs RAGE Esports [RAGa]

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[wU] Shear
FPXY replaced STLER in 2v2 agreed upon by both teams. Good games!
[wU] Sosorryman
We are waiting in channel for scheduled time.
[wU] Shear
[RAGa] Wackedstrats
Shear please add me on discord as I will be setting things up for this clan war WackStrats#2315
[wU] Shear
Hey I added you on discord (I'm RealdogXL) lets talk there to schedule!



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InFs_Zero_[M] match 14.10 - 00:20 CEST
InFs_Zero_[M] match 14.10 - 00:12 CEST
Shear match 14.10 - 00:07 CEST
MartialSpirit match 13.10 - 22:01 CEST
VincentWonder match 13.10 - 20:38 CEST