Week 3: Latam United [LUL] vs Washed Up [wU]]

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[wU] Shear
chewingbuu gave a correct description of the situation. My player claims he had enough of an advantage that it is not fair for him to have to re-game as he was not the player that disconnected and the game was going very good for wU.

We have replay I can pass it to you on discord, I have left you a message there from RealdogXL#7643.
[LUL] chewingbuu
@admin 4.16. Disconnects. If, after disconnection teams has a disputes, the decision to regame or confirm result taking by league admin.
Aeb disconnected from the game, and team LUL would like to RMK, but team WU wants win by default.
I do not know who has the replay.
What do you say? RMK or WIN for WU?
Decision about what? If both teams agree with postpone 3rd game in this series, your right. GGs!
[wU] Shear
Postpone on Twisted Meadows 1v1 by LUL.

Aeb vs Orange- waiting on admin decision for game 3.

Nice to play with you guys hopefully we can finish up final twisted meadows series soon.
[LUL] MartialSpirit
Hey guys, meet channel clan umad plz on Europe
[wU] Shear
Great! I will submit timechange here and added you to discord. Thanks!
[LUL] MartialSpirit
Hey Shear, alright no problem. 22 CEST works for us this Sunday.

See ya there.

Add me to Discord if you'd like to: MartialSpirit#3034

[wU] Shear
Hey friends, how does CEST 22:00 on 18.08.2019 work for you instead of 17:00 CEST? Thanks!



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