Week 4: Latam United [LUL] vs DuSt Gaming [DuSt]

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[LUL] MartialSpirit
Thank you for the patience and collaboration, Bidoux. Well played DuSt, good luck in next!
[LUL] MartialSpirit
Admin, after seeing the evidence, please remove the tech loss and kindly ask DuSt to help me schedule the game.

[LUL] MartialSpirit
[LUL] MartialSpirit
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/472162144?t=740s Here Insuperable agreed to postpone, and the clan war did not even start. Bidoux did not attend the clan war.
[LUL] MartialSpirit
I exposed evidence of your player agreeing to postpone before the clan war started. Admin is reviewing.
[DuSt] Bidoux
We did not agree on a PP for LD. DanGer did not show up at the designated time and we will be taking a defwin for that series. Screenshot provided as per Rule 4.15.
[LUL] MartialSpirit
I replaced Danger in the 2v2 and Buu went orc, DuSt agreed.

LD has been postponed. Match will be scheduled this coming week.