Week 6: In Furious [IFS] vs Latam United [LUL]

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[IFS] Speck
That's why I don't respect people like you who can't proof own words. Can you just dont lie? Just 1 time from all this topic with 50 posts?>Suprise me. https://i.imgur.com/1aVVty1.jpg Thats, for you info.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
For your info, that’s not Danger. He’s currently retired. Go trash talk to your next opponents, we are done here.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
More trash talk and off topic. Is that all you got to say, really? Sad story.
[IFS] Speck
I hope i don't meet you 'next time'. Also your pausing game friend DanGer whos playing ladder at europe at account IESL / and you know what? He pause game again rofl. XD wasted
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
Result frozen then. Next time we meet, we will call the admin for deciding host conditions before the clan war starts.

ty, gl next.
[IFS] Speck
I really don't care about your problems my deer bolivian friend. i listen only same old song here.
[IFS] Speck
gg wp gl next.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
Match was never confirmed by me. I don't know why you are asking that. The players need to be told in advance......... plus IFS said clearly that they will not play on host with less ping difference, they are arbitrarily telling us to play on Euro host.

I prefer to freeze this match and avoid further misunderstanding. Though it's wrong to decline the fairest host and I'm sad about IFS behavior.
[IFS] Speck
All ready at 17:00 cest today?
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
We will play on the host that has the smallest ping difference.

I'm not asking for advantages, I'm asking for what's correct.

Admin, will this score be frozen even though the fairest host is USA and IFS are the ones who refuse to play?

Let me know so we can move on, we all wasted a lot of time over this already.
Saturday standart 17.00 CEST is ok for us. We are ready to play only @ EU server. Or agree with mr.admin's idea.
I would like freeze score if you both can't arrange.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
Danger works until 23 CEST during weekdays so it's best to play 15 CEST Saturday or Sunday.

If these players do not want to play or just can't, I am fine if they replace any of them.

Admin, we would like to take the win in case IFS refuses to schedule this game.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
I just tested which host was the best and the less ping difference was US East. They wanted to dispute it but didn't call the admin and came to website to give themselves the win? : /

Okay admin, we will schedule the match and let you know in advance. Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience.
In discord noone ask me about choose host or etc. Let me know when you able to play, but do it in advance.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
Speck, Fantasista, I will be waiting for your available days/time during this week so we can sort this out.

Host will be the host with the least ping difference between players. We tested this and US East was the fairest host. If you want the host to be Europe, please ask admin to come before the game and check ping differences. Otherwise we will not accept it. Understood? Good.

So let's stop this tea party and play, please. We all had enough fuss this week.

[uMaD] MartialSpirit
We measured the ping and the fairest host was US East (We are not North Americans, we are South Americans, hence have higher ping in US East). They refused to play game 3 and said they were going to ask admin for decision.

We waited 20 minutes and they didn't come up with anything. They hosted a game in Europe host and were forcing us to play there, we did not accept. Time passed by, there was no admin, plus they did not want to play in US East host, and we did not want to change host to Europe because it was not the fairest host by the numbers.

That is the case view through objective lens.
[uMaD] DopeY
Nobody is forced to play on eu or na host. Just compare both and pick the host with less difference. It's not world cup, just schedule the map 3 to finish this clan war. I guess nobody wanna see 1-1 freeze.
A team is not allow to force an other one to play on a specific host. If both teams are not able to find agreements on the host then it's simple just check with the Admin of the league (add Selec7#3046).
#35 Dont have so much time for flood with 35 commetns per day. If they put 2-1 so seems someone refuse to countine bo3.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit

Players put 2:1 in score without your approval and did not play game 3.

Can we please leave everything aside and focus on this? After this is solved and - if you consider it appropriate - we can discuss the other topics.

Neither pausing the game (which is not against rules when users do it in a mannered way), nor them being angry about something, nor whatever stuff they are talking, has anything to do with this simple fact.

Please make your decision so I can schedule the game3 or if you will give the techwin to these crooks.

It's not that hard to understand, can we please define this and move on with our stuff?

Thanks in advance.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
You are not giving any concessions. Hosting needs to be fair, lol
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
This is not personal, man. There you are mistaken.

This is rules: host must be fair and we did not consent to play Euro host because US East was fair. Period.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
I know how hosting system works. Just that nobody told me you were using a VPN for hosting the Noru game.

I do choose my words, but you choose not to understand anything lol
> "How does this have anything to do with you intending to force us to play on Euro host on the game 3?"

After his disrespectful pauses (during fight, to steal creep although he got ENOUGH time to do all his personal stuff because he was late for an hour and a half.) we decided not to give any concessions to you. You are azeroth (us east) players. It means: US EAST = Europe host, ¿me entiendes?
> "It was not hosted on VPN, and if it was, I did not know ask for it. So? You are a special kind of low dude aren't you? "

Chose your words! Open FAQ how hosting system is working after updates!
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
It was not hosted on VPN, and if it was, I did not know ask for it. So? You are a special kind of low dude aren't you?
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
Argument is: Danger paused, asked for a moment and asked to unpause.

How is that troll pause?

How does this have anything to do with you intending to force us to play on Euro host on the game 3?

How does this justifies you coming to this website and putting a result without admin final decision?
> "For example, I accepted to play on Euro host when playing vs Noru. That, for example, was fair and I had to deal with it, not coming with excuses."

What are you talking about? You vs norukill was hosted @ azeroth by speck through vpn. Stop it! On EU norukill has around 250-300 ping, lol.
> "1) Nobody troll paused, replays clearly show it. Stop bringing it as an excuse to run away instead of playing on fair host."

Man, few hours ago you were telling: "2) Danger paused during creeping, not fights. ". Seems now you finally watched replays, especially number 1. Now you chose another line of argumentation. Make up your mind already.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
For example, I accepted to play on Euro host when playing vs Noru. That, for example, was fair and I had to deal with it, not coming with excuses.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
We tested ping in both Euro and US East hosts BEFORE clan war began. What you are saying is not true. We had 120 difference with Euro and 20 difference with US East.

[uMaD] MartialSpirit
1) Nobody troll paused, replays clearly show it. Stop bringing it as an excuse to run away instead of playing on fair host.

2) You can't give something and take something else without consent. We do not consent to play on EU host, which is not the fairest. You cannot force us to do it just because you accepted changes that were also convenient to you. I asked to replace Danger without wildcard, you accepted, and that does not mean we are now forced to consent playing on a laggy host.

You refused to play > refused to call admin > came to website and put 2:1 on your favor without asking for admin's decision first.

You should have asked admin first, instead of coming here and granting yourself the right to decide a result of a game that was not played because you did not want to play it on the fairest host lol
> "Danger paused because he needed to, and unpaused with your consent and in a mannered way. "

Man, he had enough time to do all his things. He was late for an hour and a half. We got long pauses between games too. And you were allowed to play instead of him in 2x2 match.

> "...you refused to play on a fair host and left us stranded. Point made."

NA host is fair host for whom? You? On Europe i got 110-120 against yours 170-180 in lobby.
Man, whole cw was played @ NA host. We let you to do sub without using wild card. I was ready to play whole 2x2 @ NA host as well UNTIL we saw these disrespectful pauses during the fight or to steal creep. So, you are playing on azeroth (us east) right? It means: US EAST = Europe host. No more concessions. Do you understand my logic?
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
Troll pausing consists in pausing / unpausing the game without asking opponents.

Danger paused because he needed to, and unpaused with your consent and in a mannered way.

If Danger would have done something wrong, I’d tell him to apologize. He didn’t do anything wrong and did not harm the result of any match, please stop using this as leverage to justify a simple fact: you refused to play on a fair host and left us stranded. Point made.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
Stop trying to make the admin dizzy with fussy arguments okay? Let’s make a case here and know what you are complaining about:

1) Of you have problems with the pause, we already explained you that Danger did not pause with bad intention and we did not unpause without asking to go again. This has nothing to do with host so don’t bring it again as a part of it.

2) Ping difference was 120 with European host and difference was 20 with Us East host. You refused to play with the most suitable host and broke the rules, leaving us stranded and then coming to ask for win without playing the game.

Don’t mix stuff just because you don’t have enough arguments for excusing yourselves for not playing the game 3.
One more time. Open replay of game #1 and watch already. Timing: around 16:50. His first pause in bo3 was in the middle of the fight! I didn't say anything this time although it was annoying. But he decided to pause one more time in the 2nd game, unpaused and stole my creep with grunt because bm no mana, no hitpoints. It is nonsense for me. After these "moves" we asked to play last game @ EU server (I got ping 2.5x worse than them). We did lobby, told you game name but you didn't join instead of that you did this screenshot where we are absent on the channel. Ofc, we were in game lobby at that moment. After that MartialSpirit left battle.net. We did lobby one more time and they joined it but refused to play. And 1 guy from 2x2 left battle.net as well and another one just ignored us.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
Admin, I played vs Norukill instead of Danger.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
Fantasista, we are not talking about what you like and what you don’t like. That would never make enough of an argument for leaving a series undone and then being cynical for asking tech win.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
Admin, the game 3 was not played since the team refused to play on Us East host and left us stranded.

They are complaining about game 2, and that 1) that has nothing to do with why they refused to play game 3 which was due to host reasons and 2) Danger paused during creeping, not fights.

I uploaded screenshot, the players left the channel and refused to play, AEB and Danger waited for them, then they came to the website and put 2:1 on their favor without playing that game.
Upload please another 3rd game of 2on2, i wanna check pause abusing there too.
> "The pause was not during a fight, so please do not make excuses. Replay is evidence, nobody troll paused. So please stop bringing low excuses, Aeb and Danger were simply superior to you, deal with it. "
Seems you didn't see 1st game of bo3 series or what? This guy aka Danger paused right in the middle of the fight! I really didn't get but ok, he had enough time to put his phone on silent mode like i did before the game. But no! In the second game he moved his grunt to my creep (i saw green circle around unit) and paused one more time. After unpaused I couldn't pressed "stop" button in time with ping 200+, no 2 level for me. He saw my ping in lobby he knew it. Of course, it is micro moment. But i disliked it. Dude, you were late for an hour and a half, we let you do substitution without using wild card (fair play etc.) but you have enough arrogance to pause during the fight (1st game) and pause 2nd time to steal my creep for leveling up. Don't make a fool out of me.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
Regardless of how many comments there are, we have been fair and won all the disputes precisely because of that.

The only one chewing without being able to swallow seems to be you ;)
[RBTV] chewingbuu
@speck. Telling how "every cw" is full of comments, while you are making a comment without sense concerning this clan war, doing exactly the same of what you are accusing us. To me that means you are stupid, and If you are reffering to our last clan war where i had comments on it, which is actually the only one with more comments than neccesarly it is simply because i had a direct conflict with one player and not a matter of clan dispute. It was written in serbian language so before you make some statement try to understand it firstly ( it was written in serbian so you have no clue of what it was about and secondly as i mentioned it was not about the clan war)
[IFS] Speck
Sometimes it's better to chew than talk. See story of your clanwars. Every CW is like 50+ comments from you and any possible problems with organization. All I can say now - We behave appropriately with decent people.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
A serious clan does not claim a techwin before an admin decides.

You still need to learn a lot before calling yourself serious, dude.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
The pause was not during a fight, so please do not make excuses. Replay is evidence, nobody troll paused. So please stop bringing low excuses, Aeb and Danger were simply superior to you, deal with it.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
I will be waiting for you to propose schedule for game 3, if I don't hear that from you, I will claim the techwin on our favor.

Last word.
[IFS] Speck
1) Game was opened and gamename was sent you /w (to all three).
2) Conversations are useless now.
3) Low move is pause game for kill creep. (well at least that was not coil into AM and pause game for toilet or phone). All our moves was proper, also we let play you instead of danger not using WC. I hope you understand that we are a serious team and we are not do joke moves like you did. Good luck next.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
You guys refuse to accept the host, refuse to call an admin and now call for the techloss, what a low move lol.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
Screenshot was submitted, showing Speck and his teammate abandoning the channel, refusing to play on American host.

The ping difference of South America with Europe is big and the fairest host is US East. We refused to play on Euro host, and the players insisted, wasting our time.

Admin, please see screenshot, both afk and I had to leave since they resisted to play.

We need rematch or techwin on our favor, please.

On a side note, please help these guys understand the host must be the fairest.
[IFS] Speck
We played whole clan war with bad ping. They said they are from South America(East), lets play play on azeroth host. Ok, np. Also we agreed agreed without using Wild Card. Tried to be friendly. In last 2x2 game score was 1-1 and we asked about playing @ Europe because one player (Fantasista) from east part of Russia and lagged hard on azeroth host. Our pings: 150 and 240+ vs 80 and 100. They talked something in spanish and martialspirit left battle.net. Their 2x2 team joined @ EU host but after some talks in spanish they left lobby. Also 1 player left battle.net. Danger didn't answer during 20+ minutes. Sorry, we can't waste more time for this. ggwp.
[IFS] Speck
We agreed replace DanGer to MartialSpirit @ NIS without using WC.
[IFS] Speck
Yo guys, we meets channel /join NWC3L @ northrend at 17-00 CEST standart time