Week 8: Bremen eSports Team BMz [BMz] vs RAGE Esports [RAGa]


[RAGa] FpXy
lol :D
[VOGO] YesMyLord
[BMz] VincentWonder
allright, so we´ll take defwin. thanks to the admin for good communication.
Match time moved at 18:00 CEST, thanks to team BMz! Hope Rage team can coming near time!
[BMz] VincentWonder
" offered to play somire w3il cw" --> "offered to play some games at 16cest before w3il cw" dont know what happened there xD
[BMz] VincentWonder
So i spoke to Cien on discord a lot and he told me its really hard to play on default time, but we didnt manage to find a date and then finally he didnt talk to me anymore since Thursday. I offered to play somire w3il cw and the rest at around 20, but got no more response. I can not block my players Time for the whole Sunday without knowing if its gonna happen at all. now we´ll just be there on default time and hope you guys can play.
[RAGa] CieN
Hey guys, could we play saturday?


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BMz [0:4] RaGa 16.06.2019 - 17:00


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